Kodi’s insight into being in a relationship with a woman with endo

I managed to rope Kodi into filling in a quick blog post for me. I hope to make this a regular thing (not that he knows this yet so shhhhhh). If there are any questions you want Kodi to answer, let us know!

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Annie and I first met back in 2012 at a friends party. We were introduced by a mutual friend and hit it off right away. It wasn’t until two years later that we got back into contact and started seeing one another. img_1945

I remember her filling me in about the troubles she had with her tummy and as the time went on I got to learn more and more about it. It was definitely a massive learning curve for  me, the hardest thing I found was her being in so much pain and I not being able to do anything about it. Talk about feeling helpless!

There are a few things that endo causes that affects our relationship but nothing that isn’t manageable. A few examples are : Not being able to eat the same foods, Making sure that im not taking her grumpy mood to heart and not to mention every time we go somewhere we have to bring half of the life pharmacy  with us.

A popular question that Annie is always asked is about ‘Sex’. Annie and my self find that when it rains it pours, so when she is feeling ok we are really quite active, and when she is in pain there could be weeks where we don’t but that for me is fine! I think that when we do get to have sex it makes up for all of the weeks that we may not have been able to, I just support her and am there for her and never pressure her into anything.

I do whatever I can to help her when she is in pain. This goes from cooking dinner, making her sleepy tea to warming up her wheaty bag. There is really not much I can do other than make her as comfortable as possible.

There are a few things that surprise me about endo. Little things it does that you wouldn’t expect like reacts badly to certain foods that are consumed and depending on what it is will be how bad it makes Annie feel.

If I can give any advice to other males out there with partners that have this horrible disease it would be to always try to be patient. Do whatever you can to make them as comfortable as possible and try to push them in the right direction with their eating, even if it means you have to cop a gluten and dairy free pasta dish.

2 thoughts on “Kodi’s insight into being in a relationship with a woman with endo

  1. Guys,

    As a partner of a sufferer of endo I love your blog. It’a great reading that somebody else lives a parallel life to us and that we are normal in this aspect.
    It is great reading Kodi’s posts too. As the male I feel like I have found someone else to share my thoughts with. It’s great to know that I came into this with my eyes closed supporting my partner and that the things I do are very similar to you guys.
    I feel I may actually be a help.
    Please both of you keep up the blog posts, they are fab.
    Cheers Mendo

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