Apple Cider Vinegar and why I rate it! 

Hey beautiful people!
As most of you will be aware, I am a big Apple Cider Vinegar advocate. I often post photos and posts of me drinking it diluted in warm water and I chat about the benefits! I often am asked questions about why I drink it, if I’ve noticed changes etc so I thought the easiest thing for us all would be to write a post for everyone so we all have something to refer back too☺
Now I truly wish I could start with some super inspiring intro about how I got into drinking the stuff. Story is I can’t even tell you how I heard of this or why I started. I assume it was from following some health inspo page but I really can’t be sure. I do rememeber doing some home work before I started drinking it though to make sure there truly were some decent benefits.

I had some ACV sitting in the cupboard from when I went through a phase of not washing my hair, instead of shampoo and conditioner I would use apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. My hair looked so good!! Anyway, after realising I had this stuff already and researching the benefits I thought how could I not encorporate this goodness into my life.

One of the first ACV things I want to talk to you about, is in my opinion, getting a brand that is unfiltered and organic, also containing ‘The Mother‘. The Brand that use is called Braggs has the mother and you can buy it from supermarkets and health stores etc. You can also tell the difference visually as it has murky colour too it. It also has “mother strands” which contain of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria, these are what give off the murky look.

There truly are so many health benefits to drinking this stuff, both related and non related to endometriosis. People who suffer from diabetes may also find this stuff beneficial as it helps to regulate the blood sugars 🙂

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ACV is amazing and it helps in the follow ways;

  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Assists in Healthy Digestion (which although I have not tested, could help with endometriosis belly bloating?)
  • Improves skin
  • Assists in weight loss
  • Eliminates Candida
  • Lower your risk of Heart Disease
  • Absorb more nutrients from foods
  • Balance the bodies PH Levels
  • Improves oral health

all of this is just to name a few!!!


As you will see I have written above, ACV helps with healthy digestion and bloating. The vinegar is beneficial to those who suffer from IBS (also an endo symptom) as those who suffer from this disease normally have low stomach acidity. The vinegar brings it to a normal, or temporarily above normal acidity level. This helps break down foods that our bodies normally find difficult to do on its own. By being able to break down and absorb the food promptly and properly, we lower chances of bloating. Before a meal you KNOW your tummy is going to react too, try downing an ACV diluted drink half an hour before consumption and seeing if this helps!22281301_1090018041128592_954082036_o

Now before you run to the supermarket and buy yourself a bottle and chug the whole thing down you, you need to ‘safely’ consume this liquid from god. Because it is SO acidic you must dilute ACV in water, I prefer to do mine in warm water as this is also beneficial for digestion. I have read you are meant to dilute the vinegar in a 10-1 ration, 10 being water 1 being vinegar. The suggested amount to also take is 1 tablespoon per serving.

A lot of people like to have this stuff before each meal, however I take mine when I first wakeup on an empty stomach and let it sit for half an hour.

If you cannot handle the taste, I suggest slowly building up to one tablespoon. Perhaps start with half a teaspoon and slowly work your way up. You could try adding lemon juice and.or honey to the drink to try and disguise the taste. Im not a fan of the flavour however find it drinkable.

Aside from all the above greatness, you can use ACV in so many ways! At the start of this blogpost I mentioned how I used it in my hair! I have also used it as a face wash and cleanser, take the burn out of sun burn and an itch out of an insect bite! DO your research on the stuff and see how you can use it in so many ways in your every day life!


Happy ACV drinking my lovelies


Love and light



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