80 days left of 2020 healthy habit challenge

80 days left in 2020 challenge!

Instead of waiting for the new year to make changes, let’s create healthy habits NOW to carry over into the new year! Your habits are an extension of you, wether they are a good ones or bad ones they are a representation of who you are.

The more we purposely ensure we are doing these good things in our life, the more automatic they become! When we practice good behaviour, we are rewarded by the release our beautiful happy hormones🧚

Once you start off small and these habits become second nature, you’ll crave to do better and strive for more health habits. Your half an hour walk around the block will become an hour. Your savings plan of $10 a week will turn into $20.

When we do better we want better! Goodluck and enjoy creating beautiful patterns to carry with you for the rest of your life! If you forget your reason, remember your the reason. If you mess up that’s ok, start again! The beauty of your life is it’s yours and you have the power to do whatever you want. Only you hold that power.

Below is a debrief on the healthy habits I have chose for you.


✨make your bed – by making your bed as you rise, you have already completed one task – it will give you a small sense of pride due to the accomplishment of a task and release a small amount of dopamine – one of our happy hormones. This is a fantastic way to start each day. 

✨drink 2L of water, minimum – other than the fact that we know we water to survive, being hydrated assists the body’s overall health in many ways. Want glowing skin? Hydrate. 

✨limit processed foods – we don’t expect you to change your entire life and jump on some new diet. We just want you to be more conscious of what your consuming and how much of it, that’s all. 

✨ 10 minutes of quiet time – you might choose to meditate, pray or just sit with your thoughts. Everyone has their own spiritual or personal beliefs and this is your time to dedicate to that. This could be upon waking, before you go to sleep or randomly through the day. 

✨10,000 steps a day – we want you moving. Not for fitness, not for physical appearance but because it’s good for your overall health! 10,000 steps may not be possible for you everyday and that’s ok! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hit this number, just get moving – choose the stairs instead of the lift kind of vibe. 

✨exercise 3 times a week – you don’t need to be doing hill sprints or cross fit. Your form of exercise could be stretching or yoga, a scenic walk with your friends. This is personalised to you, your form of pleasurable exercise and your fitness levels. Exercise is good for your mental  and physical health, including it in your life will help decrease your chances of obtaining serious health conditions. If you already exercise, this is your sign to turn it up a notch and you can amend this to your suiting. 

✨first half hour without phone – bombarding yourself with all of those notifications as soon as you rise encourages your stress hormone (cortisol) to rise which sets a stressed out tone for the rest of your day. To try and keep a cool and calm mood, leave your phone when you wake and start your morning routine. Once you have risen and set the calm tone for the day, feel free to scroll. This will help discourage the feelings of stress, anxiety and being rushed. It will also assist in your productivity. 

✨zinc + magnesium – magnesium is an essential nutrient which means out bodies do not produce this mineral on our own! We need the assistance from foods and supplements with most people being deficient due to not knowing this! Magnesium helps calm you down, encourages better sleeps and helps with your bone health! Zinc cannot be stored in our body, we filter it out which means same as magnesium, it’s common for people to be deficient and it’s important to supplement! This mineral supports your immune system and assists in skin health! 

*please do own research and discuss with health professional a full supplement plan that suits you and your needs. These are suggestions for an average person. 

✨eat more fruit + vegetables – need I say more?? 

✨wash your face morning and night – this can be easy to forget when rushing around. Your skin is the body’s biggest organ and needs to be looked after. It is responsible for so much in terms of the functionality of us as humans and deserves to be loved. 

✨ sleep 8 hours – when you sleep your body heals. It repairs its self ready for the next day, it boosts your immune system, your mood, heart health, memory and seriously the list could go on. Sleep is something that shouldn’t be overlooked and is crucial to being at optimal health. 

✨moisturise entire body – using one that’s good for your skin with no icky chemicals, the skin needs hydration and it makes you look like a glowing goddess. 

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