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Imagine a wheat bag that strapped around your waist and never needed re heating?? Better yet – it also sleekly fits under all clothing. You don’t have to imagine it anymore ladies, HEAT BY ANNIE has arrived and is literally the answer to all of your prayers.

No wires, batteries or re heating required – EVER! These belts are made from magnetic materials and can take up to 20 minutes to heat once they come in contact with your skin. Magnetic therapy assists the body in blood circulation, inflammation, relaxation, pain relief and more!

These belts can begin to get very hot so please ensure you use the belts safely and give you and your skin a wee break when the heat gets too much, use your belt responsibly.

Your heat belt also comes with a small cotton bag to help with easy storage and safe keeping!

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These belts can begin to get very hot so please ensure you use the belts safely and give you and your skin a wee break when the heat gets too much, use your belt responsibly.

If you have soft tissue impairment, high blood pressure or damaged skin please seek medical advice before usage. If you are pregnant, have a heart pacemaker, metal stent or any other internal electronic device please do not use this belt.

Measurements –
Small 95cm (L) x 14.5cm (w)
Medium 100cm (L) x (14.5cm) (w)
Large 105cm (L) x 14.5 cm (w)
X Large 110cm (L) x 14.5cm (w)

4 reviews for Heat by Annie

  1. Karly Hockly (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my belt it has changed the game! I’ve suffered with endo since I was 13 (coming up 10 years) and nothing has really helped other than a wheaty and painkillers but with wheat packs you have to reheat them and most of the time it’s just too hot so you have to wait, but with this there is not a long wait, it’s discreet so I can wear it out instead of going without. It’s comfortable and it’s inexpensive! I have recommended this to all my friends with Endo, IBS, PSO and even just lower back pain. I also adore Annie and everything she has done for me and countless others x

  2. Ash (verified owner)

    I’ve recommended this belt to all my fellow endo girls and I’m so thankful to have come across it! It’s meant I can have the comfort of heat at any time in even the most inconvenient of places! Gone are the days of trying to drag myself to the microwave or the kettle to get some heat on my tum! It’s also meant I can go back to feeling like a social human being! I can wear this belt to work as well as out with my friends and family whilst I’m not always feeling that great – I thought it was be quite big and bulky but no one has even noticed I’m wearing it out! One of my essentials I couldn’t be without!

  3. Celeste Sandford (verified owner)

    This is amazing!! As a fellow sufferer of endo the belt is so helpful on days that I’m having flare ups and is so well hidden under my clothes- my friends have told me they didn’t even know I was wearing it!! I always make sure I have this bad boy on hand!

  4. Natalya (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my heatbelt!
    I’ve been struggling with endo and ibs symptoms for as long as I can remember, having this heatbelt really helps me for when I’m flaring up at work. Chuck it on and it heats up the hotter I get, no need for pre heating!
    Stays hidden under my clothes and helps with my bloat and pains! It comes with me everywhere! I even brought a second one to keep at my boyfriends.

    I have recommended this to lots of people with endo who struggle with bloat and back pain and anything I feel this could help with!

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