Hi ladies! Following is a story from a fellow endo angel and one of the likers in my ‘All about Annie’ facebook community! PLease be kind, share words of support and wisdom for this beauty!

I hope some of you can relate and find comfrt in this post!

Happy reading xxx

p.s her name has been changed as she wished to be kept anon

I would like to share with you all my story. my names Sarah im 24 from merseyside area, it’s been nearly 2 years now since I first nearly collapsed in work with agonising lower abdominal pain where I was taken to hospital for suspected appendicitis. they sent me for scans were they came to find I had a cyst on each of my ovarys they weren’t to concerned about the 1 on my right ovary as it was very small were the one on my left was of a bigger size, they decided to keep an eye on me every so often by goin back for another scan. in the meantime my doctor was fighting for me to have a colonoscopy ( not sure if spelt right) because of my age this took some hell of fighting for. anyway goes and has that done they take a look inside my cervix and find a couple of cysts inside during them takin biopsys off them though these seemed to burst…….. results came back HPV CIN1 (stil not sure to this day what that is either).I’m stil goin to hospital for my check up scans while my right side is staying the same my left is growing a little bigger each time ( chocolate cyst they said it was) but not to worried about it although it’s causing me alot of pain.

the most painful time it started on a Friday to the point were I couldn’t move out of bed crying my eyes out… I ended up at the hospital were they put it down to a really bad water infection and sent away with anti biotics I knew this was not right I told them I knew what the pain was but they wouldn’t listen so I was sent home.. over that weekend I visited hospitals on 4 occasions and each time u was turned away.. my blood pressure was a little high my temperate was and so was my heart rate 36 hours I was in agonising pain and no1 would help me 😢😢 they booked me in for another scan on the Monday…. so when they look the cyst on my right ovary has gone but my left one is about the size of a tangerine at this point so we sit and discuss keyhole surgery… I signed everything at this point to say I wanted it out I leave the hospital thinkin finally getting somewhere to then get a phone call to say they are putting my surgery back as they don’t want me to go through with it as of yet because of my age.endo

so tired at this point from gettin pushed here there and everywhere I’ve lost all will I ever had and started giving up.. I then come back for an appointment to see consultant who agrees we can go through with it… 

so 31/1/17 I goes in to have surgery I’m only awake for 1 hour before I’m discharged with no medication and no answers the nurses couldn’t tell me what happened in surgery I’m told a follow up appointment has been made for a weeks time.. my family came up to see me but we’re told to leave the ward as visiting time was over and that I’d be discharged soon so it comes 1 hour and she brings me my discharge letter I’m having difficult at this time breathing walkin and moving i was left to go to the toilet by myself and to get myself changed then left the ward virtually on my own to were my mum met me it took me about 20mins to get out of the hospital screaming in pain because they made me walk…had to go to my doctors the next day for some strong painkillers 🙈🙈 what a nightmare it was gettin there the bumpy car ride made me even worse I sobbed all the way there and screamed the place down in pain they said I should never have been discharged the way I was.. the gas pain was unbelievable in my shoulders my chest stomach ribs everywhere I wouldn’t wish it on anyone..

so 1 week after surgery (today) I go back to gynecology were I’m told they discovered alot of endometriosis inside none was removed whist having my surgery done so now I have to see a consultant in 2 weeks time to talk about having a bigger operation to remove all this endometriosis 🙈🙈🙈 this was alls i needed I never ever want to go through anything like that again and now It looks like i have to… I’m stil recovering now but hope you all read my story thank you all very much and annie for this page ❤

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