What can you do to spread awareness this month?

What can you do to spread awareness this month?

Hey girls


I write to you while cooped up in bed, dying with my wheat bag. With nothing else to do but watch Netflix or write a post – I thought it was about time I get productive and touch base with you all. Now instead of sharing some form of a messy. kind rambling, I thought I would jot down a few ideas of how you can spread awareness this month!


Now, for those of you who are not aware, March is Internationally recognised as “Endometriosis Awareness Month”. It is so fantastic that globally we share a month to pay support, recognition and get the word out about something that affects 176 million woman from all over the world.


Even though we battle with Endometriosis on, at times, a daily basis, that does not mean that we know how to spread the word and get involved in creating awareness for this disease. It can be difficult to join the cause, no matter how severe you case is! Don’t feel defeated or any less! I at times feel the same! Most of us struggle to be heard on any day of the week. I too understand that feeling of –

  • No one cares
  • They think I’m faking
  • No one will listen
  • They are sick of hearing me talk about it
  • They do not believe me
  • I dont want people to think I’m annoying

gosh, I could just go on! and I bet you could add to this list of feelings and thoughts due to how you feel when speaking about our illness! Sadly, its normal to feel this way! This is due to not enough people knowing and understanding what Endometriosis really is and how it affects us all. This is why this month is so special to me – to all of us – and why we should reallllllly push to talk about it.


So what can you do to help? Here are a few ideas/examples that you could try this march, and really, any time you feel like opening up and getting people to listen to what you go through!




Simply learning more about this disease can be of such help to all of us, as you too are now one more person who knows how Endometriosis works. Just because your affected, does not mean you contain enough information to speak clearly on it. Even if you are researching to help yourself, you are still yet another human who understands this disease, and thats what we need! More people who know what this horrible thing does.


It will too, help you in day too day life!


To save you some googling time, here are a few facts that could be new to you;

  • 176 million woman worldwide are knowingly affected by Endometriosis, we say knowingly because so many cases so undetected due to lack of knowledge in both woman and doctors.
  • To out that in other terms, thats 1 in ever 10 woman (again, knowingly).
  • On average, it takes 8 years to receive a diagnosis.
  • Receiving a hysterectomy is not a cure.
  • Neither is having children.
  • In fact, there is no known cure.
  • The only way to receive a diagnosis is through a laparoscopy. There 100% is not other way.
  • Symptoms do not only cure during menstruation.

These are only a small handful of facts however are not very well known! Feel free to share these, or as said above, just note them down for yourself.




This really, truly is the easiest way to get the word out about Endometriosis. Talk to your friends, family, word colleagues – anyone who will listen about what Endometriosis is, how it affects you and millions of others and try to get them to understand that it is MORE THAN A PERIOD! It is so common for people to have either

A. Never heard of the disease


B. Have a misunderstanding of what it truly is.

Simply by discussing the matter, giving the basic stats and statics and sharing your own situation should help others understand. Throwing around the KNOWINGLY, 176 MILLION WOMAN ARE AFFECTED line normally gets peoples attention, I mean its a huge number and these are only the known stats due to so many un diagnosed case.



The easiest tool. So many of us, even though personally affected, feel uniformed and under educated about the disease. The great thing about social media is that before you have to click POST you can do your research, proof read and check what you have written and feel confident about what you are saying due to the time and effort you have put into your “speech”.


Without the face to face confrontation of social media, or someone throwing questions directly at you, you are able to confidently and comfortably take your time with what you are saying before spreading your awareness. This also allows people to take in the entire information, without holding onto one sentence, before forming an opinion on what you are talking about.It also makes it easier for your friends and family to assist you in your mission by sharing what you post! Its so easy!


There are a tonne of support/awareness pages online too, (shameless self plug moment) like my own, who constantly are posting things all Endo related that you yourself can easily share on your timeline if your not into writing your own spiel.



There are so many blogs, websites, media outlets etc that will happily accept your diagnosis story and share it on their sites in order too spread awareness! I offer that here on allaboutannie and love giving others their space and a platform to speak up and share what they have been through!


You writing and sharing your journey helps others more than you know. It helps them –

  • not feel alone
  • educates them on symptoms they didn’t know exist
  • give confidence so they too find a voice

plus so much more!


You may also find sharing your story and writing it down an good form of therapy for yourself!



Ok so I do agree that organising an event is a biggy lol. But it is possible!!!!!!!!!!!!

If this is too out there, join one in your town or a surrounding one! Or just help spread the word that there is one happening! One that happens in my local areas is one organised by Insight Endometriosis, it happens every year and they do a great job 🙂




SO go get it my girls, learn, educate, spread the word, share you stories, share others stories – just try and do something, no matter how big or small, to spread the word.


To make people understand how real and crippling this disease truly, truly is.

I shall leave you with a link to find an awareness video a friend of mine from Kimberley Rich Photography helped me create, you can find it by clicking here. It is a simple video of 15 girls sharing their story, and you could simply post this to your Facebook wall to help get the word out!


Happy Endometriosis Awareness Month my loves.


As per usual, lots of love and light,



In my mind 

In my mind 

In true All About Annie form, when I cannot sleep, when I feel low or when I’m in pain, I write.

Tonight it’s all three lol – why am I saying lol, it’s not actually funny. It’s sad and it’s horrible. My lower abdomen is cramping up, my vagina hurts and I swear to god my uterus is pushing its way out of my Fannie. I had to pause writing this for a few minutes due to my body tensing up and not being able to move due to my pains sky rocketing and paralysing me.

The pain in my ovaries feels although someone is hacking at them with a knife and is taking no mercy. It feels like someone has a hold of my uterus is turning it around and around like a Chinese burn. My vagina feels like it’s being stomped on and ripped apart. My lower back is stinging and numb. The pain is slowly crawling into my butt and I have a stabbbbbbbing excruciating pain in my rectum. My body is exhausted and aching. My brain is tired and sick of being in pain.

Can you imagine this, being in pain both mentally and physically all because your uterus decided to grow in places it doesn’t belong?
I feel physically sick from the pain. I feel annoying and like a bother. I feel useless and I feel as though I havnt slept in months.

This post is nothing. It’s just a vent and it’s a look at the emotional roller coaster called my life. It’s a post to make you realise that the thoughts, feelings (physical and emotional) and pain is normal and your not alone. I need to remind myself of this at times. Like now. While Kodi rests peacefully and I am up at midnight crying.

Do you know what it’s like to feel alone while you lay in bed next to the love of your life? Do you know what it’s like to want to scream at the top of your lungs from the pain your body puts you in but can’t. To lay awake until the time your meant to be waking up and starting a new day. To be alone with the pain while your in a room full of healthy people.

I am down to my last 3 pills of morphine, I have to decide wether tonight’s pain is worth taking a pill and turning that number into a 2 because no doctor will prescribe me more because the question my usage and don’t believe my pain is worth that quantity of medicating. Even though they can look back and see when I prescribed this stuff and how long I’ve made it last, they still question my motives.

See what happens. You are in absolute pain from your condition which then fucks with your mental state and makes you question and rememeber EVERYTHING that has to do with that damed thing.

What sucks even more, to me, is the fact that I couldn’t go to the gym tomorrow due to the lack of sleep last night (I got to bed at 6am this morning) taking over today’s agenda, and now I feel like the same will happen tomorrow. Or that I’ll be to sore to exercise. Or that I won’t be able to make my lunch date with my mum sister and nephews. Or I won’t be able to make it to work, the supermarket or make dinner. I need to wash my hair, will I even be able to complete that task??

The spiral is everlasting, can you tell.
On that note, I’ll leave. Thanks for letting me use this space to not only inform and help you guys, but to vent and help myself. Thanks for reading the thoughts of my messy mind and for being supportive when I too get sad and let my pain take over. You guys frikken rock.

Love and light



Bali – period

Bali – period

Hey beautiful girls!

I write this post pool side from one the villas I’m staying in whilst in Bali. I’m having an absolutely amazing time! I can literally smell incense and see little gekos running around the place as we speak! It is so hot and I have got a killer tan and gotten some great inspiration for my business venture with All About Annie and had so much fun roaming the streets and doing a bit of partying hehe!

However something just popped up that even though is personal and special to my beliefs in a way, so many will be able to relate to this story! Even if not directly, you will be able to understand my emotions etc and would have most likely experienced these things in the past even in different circumstances.

I really only had one thing on my ‘have to do’ list. That was to visit a temple. I’m really spiritual and am into learning about different religions and beliefs. I’m an avid believer in meditation and sitting in silence and manifesting your thoughts and beliefs. This is what I wanted to do at a temple – learn, meditate and pray.

These temples however have rules and regulations. Like you have to have your legs & tummy covered, cannot go in when pregnant,  cannot be menstruating, cannot be in pure and this is just to name a few.

So we had planned to go this temple tomorow, we booked our taxi driver and everything! I had just got over a severe case of Bali belly (insert sad face emoji) which of course then brought on my endo pains and was really happy to go and enjoy this experience after having a rough day or two.

I got home after a day of tanning, swimming, eating yummy food and shopping to discover I had started spotting. I didn’t even think about this effecting my temple journey the next day until a friend brought it to my attention. I had to walk out of the room because I was to embarrassed to show my emotions in front of everyone.

I jumped on one of the sun loungers by the pool and a few tears escaped my eyes. I was so god damn angry. I had been looking forward to this temple visit for months. I started to regret doing all the fun things I had done on the first few days and got really angry at myself for not completing the only thing on my to do list as soon as I arrived. I felt like a complete idiot for not taking advantage of my period free days. I was full of sadness that I couldn’t go and meditate and be alone with my thoughts in such a beautiful, spiritual and religious place. I wanted to pay my respects to the culture I was in and just really get invlolved with the religion.

I then no joke had to get over it because a bloody lizard the size of my forearm appeared and was like 5 meters away from me lol and that shook the tears from my body.

However now that I write this, I’m getting a little sad again. You guys know I try hard to push my self and all of you to stay positive and not let this illness get in the way of enjoying life or taking control of you. However in situations like these, how can we not feel defeated. If I didn’t have endo, I could have taken a bloody contraceptive pill to make sure I didn’t get my period while on holiday. I would know the date of which my period was to arrive to avoid a situation like this.

But because my uterus has a mind of its own, it’s impossible for me to plan around these things. We have no control of it whatsoever and always have our periods sprung on us at the worst of times. I literally have 2 days left of my holiday and have been here for like 7. So goddamn typical right?!

It really can be so infuriating when something has a complete control of your life like this. It’s like I am a prisoner inside my own body, right?!

I started to get a bit embarrassed too, because I know people won’t understand. The tears do come from disappointment of not being able to go the temple, of course. However they come from anger that I have held on to. Events like this bring up old experiences, feelings and emotions and just make you think of everything other time your body has let you down. You esteem gets low and begin to really get so mad with your body!

Anyway, we still are going to go to the temple just not going to go inside, which obviously isn’t what I wanted but il still get to experience some of what I wanted too and see the beautiful building from the outside.

I’m not going to let this event ruin my last to days in this beautiful villa soaking up the sun and eating delish food, however it is really hard to keep myself from getting low.

I’m lucky to have girls on this trip with me who understand, today I couldn’t even carry to bottles of water because I could feel my ovaries swelling every step I took so the girls took all my bags from me to help with the pains.

I can’t wait to reply to messages and comments when I’m home ladies! Hope you have all been well.

Lots of love and love