With Valentines Day upon us, in my case today, many of you are probably feeling guilty about not being able to go out to an extravagant dinner or do some demanding activity with your other half due to a flare up. Luckily Valentines Day is about showing your love for each other and simple acts of love are just as meaningful so the day can be kept very low-key yet still special.

It’s hard to be what society calls a ‘good girlfriend’ when you have your period majority of the time, your mood swings are crazy, cannot have sex without being in pain and have the energy levels of a newborn cat.

When your already dealing with the be a good girlfriend pressure and then you add be the best valentine on top of that, sesh we feel as though we are set up for failure! It got me thinking about ways you can show your love without having to leave your house, put too much stress and pressure on yourself or go to far in the car!

  • Netflix and Chill – haha but seriously, pull up your guys favourite series to binge watch and some guilt free snacks and have a cuddle on the couch!
  • Homecooked favourite meal
  • Give each other a massage
  • Movie night in bed with the laptop
  • Picnic for dinner – this can even be on your lounge floor. Get together a variety of yummy foods and pig out together
  • Pamper night – run a bath, put on face masks and relax and laugh together in the bubbles (yes men use facemasks)
  • Splurge and get your favourite desert
  • Play board gamesimg_8967
  • Do some baking in cute heart shapes
  • Make a ‘voucher book’ where your partner can redeem certain things from you. Ill let you get creative with this one….. hehe
  • Make breakfast/lunch/dinner for your better half in cute love inspired shapes
  • Let him play on his stupid xbox or playstation longer then normal (this will probably be his favourite pressie you ever give him)
  • Write a nice letter

The possibilities for these are literally endless!! Get creative, get googling or interesting and come up with some of your own easy ideas! You know you partner better than anyone and you know what small act of love will get them smiling for weeks! It doesn’t have to be big, energy using mentally demanding, just a small I Love You Always token!

Its special days like this that alway make us feel like we are less than worthy, annoying, needy etc etc. I am here to tell you that you are none of the above. We can still be cute, hot, romantic, loving, caring, intimate, whatever whilst having an illness.img_1324

Boys don’t really care about Valentines Day ladies. They only make an effort because they thinks it’s what we want or that it’s how you show love. INCORRECT!img_1320

My dream valentines is our fav movie on the couch with take away, and depending on my takeaway choice, this is a super endo friendly activity which im sure my boyfriend would approve of.

Now I also would like to add – say Happy Valentines to yourselves ladies. This day is meant for spreading love and our minds, bodies and souls go through a lot when dealing with these chronic illness so use today as an excuse to spoil yourself!

Happy Valentines beautiful’s




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