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Hey ladies


Ive recently been raving on about this new holy grail I’ve found for my skin called Beauty Tofu. I planned to do a short Insta review on it but when I started typing I couldn’t stop so thought it would be much easier to write a blog post on it!


“After 6 years of research combining medical & natural therapies Beauty Tofu was born. A high performance active natural cosmeceutical* has been created. Taking no shortcuts when it comes to skin science our creators have developed a natural yet highly advanced formula. Delivering the highest performing & effective products with long lasting effects. All our products vegan, raw & cruelty free.”

*Cosmeceutical – A cosmetic that has or is claimed to have no medicinal properties 


If you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed for quite some time I was heavily complaining about my skin. I had tried so much, facemasks, skin treatments, ensuring my water intake was high and diet good, changing pillowcases every few days, always washing my face, never sleeping in makeup etc etc etc and nothing would give.



And like a god send, Mel from Beauty Tofu reached out and suggested her products. Cleansing me from the inside out, she ensured me it would work. I was drinking one of her products twice a day and another one only at night as well as using as a mask. In less than a week I already began to see a change in my skin. It was clearing up and looking less inflamed. With results that quick I just knew I was onto a winner. The fact that the products contain nothing nasty and are from the earth itself made me confident that my body was ridding of all things bad and healing from the inside!


So ill follow with tell you a bit about each product and then let you know the routine I have started (and am so friggen grateful for).

Enjoy ‘x



Product 1  The C1 Detox – Clay & Colon Cleanse

Beauty Tofus specially formulated edible clay to detoxify and internally cleanse the body. With our bodies these days so full of toxins, comprised from processed foods & foreign toxins our bodies are unable to digest and breakdown, C1 will help purify & cleanse assisting in the elimination of toxins and waste in our temples let me clean you from tip to toe.

How to Consume Me: For the ultimate detox mix 3 Teaspoons sunrise and sunset with a large glass of warm water I will flush you from tip to toe. You will love the results inside and out. Be kind to your temple.

Who should Use Me?  No need for water up your bum! Say bye bye to colonics. This edible clay cleanse will detoxify you especially if you suffer from bowel issues, problematic skin, aches & pains and will help cleanse parasites & toxins . You will love how clean and restored you feel. Take me until I am gone. 250 gm

Ingredients: Pysllium, NZ Flaxseed Meal, I am packed full of Omega 3,6 & 9, vitamin B, C & E, Organic Barley Grass, Mojave Desert Clay & Chia Seeds.




Every morning and night for 10 days, I consumed 3 teaspoons of the C1 detox mixed in with a large glass of water. There is really not much of a taste that comes with this detox. It tastes a bit earthy but is really easy to drink.


I figured out after a while that re-stirring the drink after every sip ensured it wasn’t all floating to the bottom making the last sip a lil icky to get down. Once I started doing this it became no chore at all!!


After the detox drink I would be sure to have 2 large glasses of warm water to finish off!


I begun to notice how full I felt after! It stopped me over eating and thinking I needed to snack every minute of the day lol.


Since the 10 days has stopped, every Sunday I make a mix up and drink it before I go to bed to assist my body digest and get a great start to the week.  I find that doing this once a week is enough for now to help keep my skin on track and keeps it really affordable which is great for me. Also lessens any guilt I’m carrying around for maybe treating myself over the weekend haha.





Beauty Tofu’s organic pure specialised detox clay, I am here to cleanse your temple from tip to toe. Whether you suffer from problematic skin, digestive issues such as bloating, constipation or gas, skin disorders, body odour or you’re simply just wanting to flush the toxins and impurities our bodies so easily collect these days I am an amazing simple solution. Time for some self-love!

INTERNAL USE – One tablespoon with water, juice or in your smoothie followed by a big glass of water. Take me daily until I’m gone. You can also add me to your baking or raw treats.

EXTERNAL USE – Two teaspoons with water for a purifying face mask. Two teaspoons in your bath for ultimate detox soak.For best results use me in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

INGREDIENTS – 100% Sodium Montmorillonite Clay. Made using natural and organic ingredients only.




Every night over a 7 day period I would use this clay both internally and externally. After the 7 days I dropped the Internal part and just continued to drink it for another 3 days, finishing at the same time as the C1.


For Internal use, it’s the same deal as above, however I only use this detox at night-time. I would drink this one before the C1 cleanse, again mixed into a large glass of water. You are also meant to immediately follow this detox with two glasses of warm water however,  because I would have the C1 cleanse straight after and then two glasses of water after, that I never saw the point. But, if I was to do only the T3 detox I would make sure to have the 2 glasses after to help your body absorb all the goodies.


Again, the taste of this cleanse is super careful and really has such a bland taste too it which makes these cleanses so easy!



External use (again, just at night-time) I would create a mask by putting around 2 -3 teaspoons into a cup and then adding water. It doesn’t say on the instructions how much to put it so I played around bit until I found a good amount and its literally only a few drops. You want the powder to form a real clay texture once mixed with water otherwise it becomes to runny and spreads really thin. For optimum results, you want the mask to be more thick)


For the first few days I covered my entire face and neck, however I noticed results so quick after 3 days I stopped covering my forehead, temples and neck and just focused around the cheek/chin area (where hormone driven acne likes to play up). I would leave this on for half an hour or until it looked dry.


The time can vary a little as the clay can spread uneven. OR if I had a super bad spot, I would put more clay on it to let the T3 really work its magic.


It is SUPER drying, like you will not be able to open your mouth very wide tight, so don’t try to eat Mexican food with this on your face (me).


Now that the 7 days of this ritual are up, I do it about 2-3 times a week depending on how my skin is doing. This too helps keep affordable however I think if you used it on a daily basis over a long period of time it would really dry your skin out.



You guys, I seriously cannot explain how good this combo was. If I was to get only one I would be the T3 TIP TO TOE – ORGANIC TEMPLE DETOX as that mask is one purifying thing, however if financially you are in the position to get both – 100% do it.


I’ve recently had so many comments from people about how clear my skin is looking and how even the skin tones are! It’s seriously been amazing.


Have good skin is a huge thing for me, I use to have the most gorgeous skin and would feel so comfortable going out in public with zero makeup on. So going through a period of having bad skin really shook my confidence around and now thanks to the Beauty Tofu products, that’s starting to come back.


Before going to the doctors or dermatologist and flooding your body with chemicals, please try this natural remedy first!

A. The medications and creams the first 2 will be filled with terrible chemicals and hormones – like parabans. Which are going to mimic oestrogen causing your endometriosis to worsen.

B. I can 100% guarantee that this is 100% RAW product and I would bet a lot of money on it working for you like it did for me.


Knowing I wasn’t putting more crap into my body and only things that were packed with goodies, vitamins and omegas, I felt great to be taking these cleanses! Like the fact that I could use both the T3 internally and externally???! Amazing.


You can see more of the Beauty Tofu products by clicking here. Or by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

This is not a paid post, this is literally something that has just changed my life and made me feel good to be in the skin I’m in. I just had to share it with you guys.


They ship internationally too so you can order this gold mine of skin goodness from anywhere in the world.


If your reading this and have problematic skin, I feel you, I understand how you feel – but your are BEAUTIFUL!



Enjoy detoxing and cleansing that temple ladies!

Lots of love



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