Welcome to my daily dysfuction I call life!

HI ALL!!! I really actually have no idea what I am doing with this. However, what I do know is that I have a lot to share and telling my boyfriend every strange thought I have just doesn’t seem to be cutting it!

I can guarantee that this isn’t going to be your usual WHATS HOT THIS WEEK, or beauty tips that I have stolen out of a magazine and posted online trying to pass as my own. Truth is I couldn’t write about any of that because I actually don’t give a fuck.

Truth also is; I swear like a sailor, saying I have no filter is an under statement, I spend more money than I have on pieces of bloody material, I have endometriosis (so will speak hugggggley on that topic), im loyal as hell however take zero amounts of shit, I think im hilarious and unfortunately all of this put together also means I am highly misunderstood and more often than not am called “a bitch”. Which to me actually comes off as a compliment cause – jeellllllloussss.

Stay tuned as though I think you will love what my ridiculous sense of humour has to share.

Annie x


One thought on “Welcome to my daily dysfuction I call life!

  1. Nice to meet you Annie I hope you are feeling better. I am Dan. I am Bipolar just got out of the hospital got viral bronchitis and a stomach bug. I am writer and that is how I cope. Hope your weekend has been good,

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