The other day a fellow endo angel messaged me and asked me what I did to prepare myself for my laparoscopic surgeries and what I did after in regards to recovery.

Please do not take what I say as gospel! I do not claim to know it all and what worked for me may not be the answers for everyone! I  just know that I always felt alone before my surgeries and even for the second procedure did not know what to expect!

All I am trying to do is share my thoughts and experiences in the hope to make a difference in another’s life! Feel free to share what you girls do to prepare and recover after your surgeries in the comments! Who knows, I may need round three and love hearing what others do!




Make sure you know what your gynaecologist is talking about. The first gynae I had did not iform me properly about my condition nor the procedure at all. Because I had never had anything like this or been to an appointment like that before  thought it was normal to be confused. ITS NOT! Ask questions, querie things you do not understand. say no to timg_6320hings you are not comfortable with. It is your body you must feel comfrotaable and informed.


Please research the mirena. Please know you do not have to have it. Please know you can have it removed whenever!


I know this sounds silly. But seriously! The healthier you are before your surgery the easier the recovering! Stay on top of your vitamins, have plenty of rest, drink plenty of water and eat healthy!


Mind over matter! Dont go into the procedure negative and with doubts. Head into that room positive with a ‘nothing can bring me down’ attitude. Our thoughts have a ridiculous amount of power over the rest of our body. I found happiness a keeping positive really did help mimg_6316e.


If you are offered the possibility to stay DO SO! First time I did not and really regretted it as soon as I got home. If this option is not offered to you – ask for it.



This is probably the most important. I hated having the nurses come into my rom and then my family encouraging to get up and move but it does help! It really helps moves the gas out of your body too.


Pillows are now your best friend. I placed one under my knees as soon as I woke up. I dont know why this helps but it does. I was also very afraid of falling asleep incase I rolled onto my side and woke up hurting. So I placed pillows on either side of my body. I found laying down straight quite hard also so I used pillows to prop me up so  could comfortably fall asleep.


This is the  perfect time to get healthy and almost get a new body. You need to look after yourself from the moment you wake up from the surgery. Sugary, gluteimg_6323n, processed fats etc are all inflammatory. Endometriosis is an inflammatory. We cannot put the things above in our body and not expect the inflammatory disease to grow back. we are literally putting fuel in the tank for it to come back! Instead try to eat as much gluten free/sugar-free foods as possible. Try to cut out the processed food. Try pinterest for good healthy recipe ideas! It’s where majority of mine are from!


This is so important. From doctors/gynaes to family, friends and partners. OH and work colleagues. Without a great support system your recovery and keeping endo out of your body will be alot harder.


I actually could go on however I feel like these are yes the most obvious but the most obvious work!!!!!

I hope these are some what helpful!

Lots of love endo angels











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