The first thing people say to me when they find out I have endo is normally, like the heading says, “Does this mean you can’t have babies?!”. Too which I then quickly and awkwardly reply mumbling something about how I don’t know and won’t know until I try. 

So this now makes me ask, why is it that the worst thing people think we experience is the possibility of our infertility? Yes, this is a massive issue however, at my young age of 20 this is not on the top of my list to do so I’m not concerning myself with something that is not in my very near future. 

Why is it that people are not concerned with my pain? My energy levels or my mental health? Surely those asking questions must understand that all of what we deal with drains out spirit? 

If you know enough about endo to know that our chances of conceiving can be slim, why are you not first asking how we are and congratulating us on dealing with this day to day but still being kick ass woman!! 

I try not to complain to much about having this disease and try not to anger myself about the little knowledge people have about what I deal with. However I urge for you to stop reminding us we may not be able to give birth!!!

I instead ask that you support us, congratulate us and ask informative questions!!

And endo Angels- just because we may not be able to give birth does NOT make us any less feminine then a woman who can.




  1. I know that this post is older, but I am just now seeing your blog and I have to say, thank you for sharing your story. I am 24 and have been dealing with Endo and PID for 4 years having one laparoscopic surgery and several doctors. Reading this and the rest of your blog have been so positive for my mental health. Everyday is a struggle and I swear you are more than a hero to me for sharing your story. I will be continuing to read on and I appreciate every rant, and Or positive story.

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