I, IN MY 20’S, 

The expectations we as woman in our 20’s is astronomical. All the different stereotypes we are suppose to meet, the way we dress, act, talk etc etc etc. 

I, in my 20’s, am suppose to live a wild life full of partying and drunken mistakes! I am young I must have fun! I am also meant to present myself in a ladylike manner and have the utmost respect for others and myself included. Drinking is not “attractive”.

I, in my 20’s, must not get caught up with the need to rely on money. I must have fun. I am also meant to work hard and start a career young! Hard work now pays off later. 

I, in my 20’s, must sleep around, fall in and out of love! I will not get tied down at a young age. I will Enjoy every minute of my young body and love to watch the men swoon over me! I must have fun! I also need to remember that my body is a temple, a slut is not accepted in society. I must keep myself pure for Mr.Right. 

I, in my 20’s, must not not worry about children. I must not waste my youth looking after a baby. I must wait until my 30’s at least. I also must have kids young, there’s nothing better then the gift of life. 
I, in my 20’s, will do whatever makes me f-ing happy. 

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