I’m laying in bed writing this at 10:48pm on a Friday night. I am counting down the last hour until I can pop 100mg of tramadol and ensure a great night sleep. 

My friends text me today and asked me to go out and party with them. I had to say no as I had my ‘exciting eventful’ night ahead. 

It is so hard being friends with only healthy people!!!! I wish I could become BFF with a fellow sufferer?! I hate not having anyone to hangout with because all my friends are out living life like a normal girl in her 20’s should!!!

People say they understand why you can’t go out and why you haven’t left the house since your period started but they never will as they have never walked your path. 

Your healthy full of life friends are not going to understand that sometimes it takes ALL your energy just to have a bloody shower! 

I am so envious of healthy people. I am literally laying in bed watching these snapchat stories thinking “fuck my body. I want to go out and have fun with my friends.”

I also struggle with saying no to people, I hate not being able to give my all to everyone. Family friends coworkers and strangers! 

I hate thinking about the fact that people will stop asking me to hangout with them because they know what my answer will be. 

However, in light of all of my jealousy, anger and sadness comes the lessons I have learnt throughout these problems. 

I have learnt to appreciate health. 

I have learnt to appreciate the friends that stick around no matter what 

I have learnt to appreciate those nights I can go out and have fun 

I have learnt to appreciate those who take care of me.

I have learnt to appreciate fresh air and the grass beneath my feet

I have learnt to not dwell (well try haha) as this does not make any situation better. 

I have learnt it is no ones fault I am sick, I have learnt how to explain my illness in a way people understand, I have learnt this is my journey 

Appreciate your healthy friends, appreciate your sick friends appreciate strangers!!! 

We, being the sick annoying needy people we are, need all the help, love and support we can get! Teach your healthy friends who do not understand, make them get what you are going through! 

Sorry for my jealous, late night, wishing I was out rant on a blog. Hey, I now only have 20mins till I can take my tramadol and have a beauty of a sleep! (I have also learnt to enjoy the small wins in life haha)




  1. I have exactly the same problem, some days I know going out and having fun is the last thing I’m capable of but spending time with my friends cheers me up so much. It’s a pain in the butt but seeing all of the people on wordpress has helped me big time 🙂 xx

  2. I totally love this and can 100% relate, I’ve not got endometriosis but had thyroid cancer which has given me a long list of fun problems including interstitial cystitis and hypoparathyroidism. I feel the same envy as you do at healthy 20 something’s that don’t need to worry about medications and doctor’s appointments and what is safe to drink or eat and how guilty you feel cancelling last minute 🙁 But unfortunately suffering from any chronic illness puts you in a different world to everyone else and you’ve just got to find a new normal ❤

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