Tonight I am writing to you from a strangers bed. My boyfriend Kodi and I have gone away for the weekend and are staying at his friends house. It just so happens he flats with 2 other guys. It also just so happens I got my period today, might I add I was wearing a white dress too!!!!!!!

So anyway, I am in this strangers bed because one of the flat mates are away and we are bunking in his room. When we arrived I asked Kodi to show me where the bathroom, toilet and bin was. He proceeded to tell me the bin wasn’t really a bin and the toilet was average cos his mates flatties are lazy. So here I am, day one of my period with no bin and an icky toilet.

Can you imagine my face?!? I was so not impressed haha, poor kodi. So I’ve had to make do and I am now walking outside to the bins out there to dispose of my used products.

I also have no idea where the mircrowave is for my wheatbag and I’m freaking out that I’m going to leak through into this poor guys bloody sheets – mega insomnia.

How inconvenient though right?! Like I’m sure our bodies sometimes think, hmmm she’s had a really good week or so, let’s stuff with her. Because it would have been awesome if the period fairies had waited two more days until they granted me with the blood flow of freaking hell.

I mean who wants to stay in a strangers bed, who happens to be a boy, in a boy filled flat whilst having to change a maxi pad every hour and a half. Certainly not me. But I am.

It’s times like this when I get frustrated because I’m all embarrassed about having to change my pad in this male dominant house with strangers in it and it makes me feel uncomfortable because I don’t know if they are massive prudes and freak out at the sight of a panty liner, and it’s a fault of mine because I shouldn’t allow myself to judge others instantly or assume they will be awkward if they see me throwing my wrappers away but I can’t help it! It can be a daunting embarrassing thing, epically when your pad is the size of a surfboard!

It also sucks that this disease controls my mood and thinking. I try to not let it dominate my thoughts and I’m usually really good however I feel in this situation, I’m aloud a ten minute rant.

Sorry ladies, there is no actual point to this post, other than to complain and hopefully make one or two of you smile at my misfortune.

Please think of me in this time of need, prayers would be appreciated. Period stopping pills would also be appreciated as would a new uterus.

Love and light, thanks for reading my rant xxx

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