A story of painful sex, sleepless nights and tramadol

It’s 11.04pm on a Sunday night. This sucks as I have to get up for work tomorrow at 6.30am and am normally crashed out by 9.30 at the latest on a work night.

I’m at the point now where you try to force yourself to sleep because you know you need it, and then you keep thinking about needing to sleep which keeps your brain working which then keeps you from falling asleep too!

My brain is just ticking and will not shutup. I don’t even know what I’m thinking about. I must be stressed out about something though for me to be up this late when all I did today was yawn. I suppose the pain isn’t helping either.

So hence all of this, insomnia has driven me to write. To tell you about the things that happened throughout my waking hours in the hope that one of you smile and say “YES! I’m normal, I’m not the only one”.

I’ve popped 2 tramadol’s in the hope they will get away with the pain that’s been lingering since I tried to have sex today. I had just finished my period the day before and all I wanted to do was have sex!

I washed my hair, shaved like every inch of my body, put on a bit of makeup did my hair and felt so beautiful and sexy! We lasted for quite a while too and then one postition just ruined it all. We ended up having to stop, I had a couple tears in my eyes which I held in with all dear might as not to make Kodi feel bad. He apologised and I told him he didn’t need to, which is true he doesn’t, he didn’t actually do anything. My body did.

After he apologised I was happy I had managed to keep the tears in, as his apology proved how guilty he felt for putting me in pain. Poor boy.

Since then I’ve had this freaking deep ache that will not leave. It worsens and then gives up a bit but has been obviously present since. Like thanks uterus. You ruined the only action we both have had in so long plus ruined my Sunday arvo and evening. Such an MVP you are urerus. 

Anyway enough of the graphics, tramadol sometimes makes me feel a bit drowsy if I take it on a empty stomach, which I kind of had tonight as my last meal was around 3 hours ago and it wasn’t large. And so typical the night I was totally wanting to be knocked out, the pain killers decide not to cause side effects. It also hasn’t helped with the pain whatsoever, so I apologise to my liver who is currently being abused by 100mg of tramadol for nothing.

I was also meant to go out to dinner with Kodi and his Mum to meet her brother and his new wife for the first time. I pulled out last minute after re doing my makeup and hair and choosing an outfit. I was just so tired, and in so much pain! I just blamed it on the tiredness when I asked Kodi if I had to go because I didn’t want to explain to him I was still in pain from the sex. So instead of going out for a beautiful meal with his family and being social I sat at home in an oversized jumper and strippy tights watching Re runs on bravo whilst taking off my makeup (sigh, such a waste) and eating 2 day old left overs.

One of the annoying things about not being able to sleep when your in pain is that everyone else is sleeping and your wheatbag is cold so your going to have to heat it up yourself but you don’t have the energy or strength to get up. When I lived with my parents we ended up putting a microwave in bedroom hahaha. It was fantastic and one of the best ideas I’ve had to date.

I don’t know if you guys enjoy these random posts I do or not. There is much point to them other than to hopefully bring comfort to at least one of you. Feedback would be great so I can then judge if I should keep them up or can them.

It’s now 11.36pm and I’m even more wide awake then I was before from staring at my phone screen. And in actual fact I think the tramadol has made my pain worse. YUS winning. Not.

Also, the title of this heading sounds like a night out in vegas or something and could be very misleading hahaha.

Im off to find other pain killers to take so I can hopefully get some form of sleep.
I hope you enjoy my jibba jabba and please do let me know what you think!?

Love and light xx

6 thoughts on “A story of painful sex, sleepless nights and tramadol

  1. I have a heatpad that I plug in, it’s the best! It is really big and was soo cheap. The only negative thing with it is that it turns itself off after 4 hours. I understand that it is because it is safer like that, but when you are in sooo much pain and the heat finally take some of the edge off, the last thing u want to do is to wake up because it is cold.

    Hope you feel a little bit better!
    XX fellow endowarrior

  2. Wow. Have you two been shadowing us the last few days?!!!
    Once again this scenario has arisen in our household. Daily tramadol. Both craving sex, but guess what, pain holds it at bay!
    I don’t know why but I think that it is me that is the problem and the endo could just be the excuse. Of course I know this is not the caseX the thoughts are there.
    Anyone else have this problem?

    I wish I could fine some healing hands and eradicate all pain from my partner, I hate seeing her going through this, weekly admissions to A&E, countless tramadol, paracetamol and morphine.
    Keep up the good work.

    Mendo xx

  3. Tramadol is so bad for you ! I had it permentaly and ended up having gavapenton 3 times a day and then tramadol and night along with anxiety pills. Usually exercise is the key or yoga. I hope this helps. No woman should be on pills I take 6 a day and it’s so frustrating when you manage a relationship and work!

    1. Please remember that what works for you may not work for another woman and vice versa. Tramadol is a very safe drug if prescribed appropriately and taken as directed by your treating doctor. Of course there are side effects and some people experience some mild, or severe side effects but it’s not “bad” for you. We also need to drop the attitude that taking analgesia is “bad” because it’s so easy to shame yourself for taking analgesia to get through a day because of attitudes like this.
      Unfortunately for me exercise is the first thing I stop doing when I have pain flares because it makes my pain 100% worse. But I don’t preach that people shouldn’t exercise I know it helps others.

  4. I can relate to this on so many levels! It brought a tear to my eye knowing someone is going through the same thing and I’m not just going crazy thinking my pains are made up or wondering what is wrong with me that I cannot fall asleep some nights! Not to mention the fact that my tramadol doesn’t work one bit for me when I need it the most!
    I hope your pains are better today and you weren’t too sleep deprived xo

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