My Endo sent me to the ER – again! 

Hi ladies! 

As most of you are probably aware, I had a really bad night a few days ago and landed myself in hospital. Yay endo strikes again! I thought this would be a good time to do a quick little write up, and share my entire experience with you all as I am often asked a few hospital related questions! 

So it really was just your typical Tuesday night. I had been to the gym, cooked dinner, cleaned, had a shower and was just about to get into bed when I decided to quickly fold some dry washing so I could put the clothes horse away and Kodi and I could wake up to a clean house in the morning! I’m so mad because I was neeeeeearly finished when I got a really strong stab. I yelled out to Kodi “OW! My tummy hurts.” He told me to get in bed, well it sadly was too late. 

I fell to floor in pain and started balling. Kods jumped out of bed and ran to my side. We ended up needing an ambulance to come to our house as Kodi couldn’t even get me off the floor into the car. That was the first bad, bad, baaaaaad episode he had witnessed. And as much as I know he will never admit to me, I believe it was probably quite traumatic for him. 

So I waited what felt like hours for this ambo. I was dry reaching terribly but all that was coming up was excess saliva. I was covered in my own tears, spit and snot. I had also just washed my hair so I was annoyed about having to rewash so soon after lol. I was screaming and groaning and even at times, grasping for air. This also was the first time I had ever been in so much pain I nearly lost control of my bladder. I had to force myself to hold on because I could feel my muscles down there relaxing. 

My heart goes out to all of those who have ever experienced an accidental number 1 or 2 due to their Endo pain because the near experience I had, was frightening enough for me. 

So the Ambo arrives and they moved me up from the floor onto the couch. They gave me tramadol and panadol and then proceeded to ask me if it would be ok for me to stay at home (funny right). I said no. I then told them that the only thing that is going to help me right now is an Iv line with morphine every half hour or so to help keep on top of the deathly pain. I have been through this multiple times and I need to go to hospital. So they listened thankfully and took me. (Funny how we begin to know how to nurse ourselves medically right)

I heard the male drive say to Kodi at one point “My Grandaughfer who is around her age has it, it’s terrible. I know how your feeling mate.” I thought it was cute that he acknowledged that along with myself not doing well, that Kodi also could be struggling. This same man put an Iv line into the back of my hand, and if you have ever had one put in there, you’ll know how sore these are. I screamed the house down even more than I already was whilst he was inserting it. So painful, it’s actually still bruised too. 

I drove over in the Ambo by myself and Kodi brought the car over, I don’t think we knew how bad this episode was because we just assumed I’d be going home like most of the other times. Because of this he only packed me a change of clothes, the cutie also packed some pads incase I bled. Angel boyfriend or what?! He also phoned my mum and she too met us there.

Once at the hospital I got wheeled into a room and I thankfully had the most amazing Doctors and Nurses. They were quick, respectful and listened too me! They asked me what normally works for me and gave me exactly that. 

It took a while for us to get into of the pain to a point where I was comfortable however the painkillers started working their magic.

Kodi began falling asleep on the crappy little chairs, a nurse even climbed over him to get to the heart rate monitor twice and he didn’t wake up haha. It was around midnight now and the poor boy still needed to get up at 4am for work so Mum and I both said for him to go home and mum would stay. Mumma napped on and off however she stayed until the end! I have a dream support team right?!

As I knew would happen, one of the Gynaecologist’s wanted to do an enternal on me. Normally when I get these I always want to say no because of how painful they are however I always feel forced to do so. 

This lady was amazing and said that if I didn’t want to do it I don’t have to, she can stop at anytime and really explained everything she would be doing too me. This made me really trust her and feel comfortable so I allowed it. Because of this trust I obviously relaxed and it was no where near as bad as what I have experienced when I had zero trust in the person performing the procedure.

Eventually I was asked if I wanted to stay in the night or go home. Again, they told me It’s my body and I had more than proven I was an expert on my experiences with my disease and it was comepletly my call because only I knew what I was feeling and what I could potentially feel over the next few hours (see what I mean, best medical staff ever). I asked to stay because I knew my pain would be back and I would be home alone which concerned me (it was now 4am and and like I said Kodi starts work at 5am). So they completely agree and organised a bed for me. 

Once in the correct wing I met my new nurses. I asked one of them if they had a wheat bag or heat stick pad or anything. She didn’t but she mad me a really nice warm snuggle something. Typically, I had it on my bare skin due to it not doing annnnything through the blankets and marked myself pretty badly. 

The pain was still so strong after being in there for hours and at times I seriously felt like I was pressing my little attention buzzer ever half an hour – I so want one of those buzzers for home so I can annoy Kodi. I would have so much fun lol.

We all know that hospital food isn’t flash on a good day, and because I didn’t get put into my ward into early hours of the morning I wasn’t able to fill in a breakfast form. Well it’s safe too say the food lady probably thought I was 110% the most annoying human alive because I had to ask for dairy free milk and gf options after she gave me my meal. Poor thing, it was terrible trying to eat anything aswell. The toast I had was so dry and it was just crumbling in my mouth and so hard to swallow:(

Because Kodi had assumed I’d be coming home he didn’t pack a book or a charger or anything to occupy myself with. So a darling friend of mine popped by and dropped off some essentials on her way to work – again, support crew is so on point! 

I’m gonna fast forward because this post is getting waaaaaay to long haha. So I got probably 2-4 hours sleep whilst there, got discharged at around 2.30pm and Mum picked me up as Kods was working and I went home. Safe to say I was extremely excited to get home and snuggle up in a comfy dressing gown on the couch, watch some crappy reality show and sleep for hours! 

Since Wednesday I think I have left the house 2 times haha. I am still experiencing a bit of pain, like right now I had to dig into my stash of strong stuff because of the pain, my fatigue is severe and other symptoms are playing up badly. But I’m perceivering and trying really hard to stay happy and healthy. I’m try hard to deal with it all on my own without another hospital trip. 

This was another pointless post with zero information that you would find useful however I do really like to share my triumphs but also my lows with you all. 

We are all fighting our own battle however it’s nice to know others know what we go through right?! 

Hope this wasn’t too boring for all of you, or an overkill of pictures lol!

Lots of love and a tonne of light 

OH! P.S, to all of you gorgeous human beings who took the time to send me love, wish me well and write caring messages this past week, THANKYOU! As I’ve said above a few time, I already have such a fantastic support crew however with you guys around too, I don’t even have the time too feel sorry for myself with all the love I receive from everyone. So thankyou a billion times over. My support crew ROCK! Xx

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