Bali reminded me I am BLESSED

Hey gorgy girls!

So this is another blog post coming to you live from the comfort of my bed on a restless night. I’m bloated ASF – most probably one of the worst swollen tummys ive had to experience, which in turn is making me sore and very nauseous. All of that combined is making it very hard to fall asleep. However as we all know, these nights are when my best content is created!

As you all know, I recently went to Bali! I had the time of my life, it was so amazing and although it was relaxing and adventurous, I stepped off the plane on NZ soil a lil bit wiser, I’ll tell you why.

2 of my besties, Renee & Renee (yes annoying, I know lol) and I spent a lot of the holiday together, there was 8 of us girls in total but typically as besties do, we clung together and did a few things on our own. We met this really lovely taxi drive named Awang. He had a heart of gold!

Whilst driving with him, we asked a bunch of questions about Bali which he answered and spoke really good English! We happened to find out why later. So anyway, we previously had had a bad experience with a taxi driver where a bat was pulled out on us and we were threatened so you can only imagine how relieved we were to find Awang who was kind, insightful and happy!

Because of our previous bad experience and how thankful we were too have met some as kind as Awang, when he dropped us back to the villa, we asked him if he could come back at a certain time the next day to drive us to the Tanah Lot Temple. He of course agreed.

The next day on our drive to Tanah Lot which was roughly an hour away from where we were staying, we had huge chats with our new friend. We spoke about family, life, he explained a lot of what the sights were that we passed and money.

He proceeded to tell us about how he urges his two sons to learn English and explains to them the importance of it for their future. Awang got himself a book on English when he was a school boy, he self taught him self how to speak our language on his own from this book. He would get excited when he met people from another country fluent in English to practice on. He still owns this book.

We began to compare prices. We explained that one packet of cigarettes which cost between $1-$3 (NZD) in Bali cost around $26. He was godsmacked and told us that it would take him 2 days to buy a packet. He was so shocked to hear that a 20 minute trip in a taxi would cost around $80, I was even shocked at the comparison as our 3 hour temple venture (1 hour there, 1 hour walk around whilst he parked and waited, metre running, and 1 hour back) cost us under $30).

After realising how little this man is paid each day, we asked him about his work life. Awang would work anywhere between 12-24 hour days. He has to make $500(nzd) before he can return to his company, depending on how well him and the others are doing depends on if he can go home or if he has to get back out and work. If he doesn’t make $500 he gets in trouble, if this happens to often he will loose his job. We started chatting about how tired he must be and asking him when he sleeps?! He told us that there is a road all taxi drivers go up too sleep in the car for an hour or so to rest when they are doing big days before going back out to find more customers.

Whilst doing a massive working week and a 24 hour day, Awang fell asleep within seconds of parking his car down this road with his smartphone in his hand and the window down. Some one stole his phone. He woke up to it missing.

Awang could no longer do his job properly as customers will get in his vehicle and request to go to a location and when he cannot take them because he now no longer has a mapping device, they get mad at him and leave his vehicle. The theft of his phone had an on going effect to his business, health and home life.

Continuing to talk about Awang and his life my 2 Renee’s and I decided we had to buy him a new phone. The money I had left was to buy my friends and family presents but I no longer cared about buying gifts, majority of them are fortunate & he was not. It would have taken Awang weeks, no, months to purchase a new phone that would assist him in doing his job better.

When we told him we wanted to buy him a new phone, he just broke down in tears. He said he couldnt accept it and was just so surprised we had offered him such a huge gift.

We wouldn’t take no for an answer and told him that this cost meant nothing to us but helping him meant everything. Eventually we were able to convince him and he took us to a phone store.

The bloody thing only cost $130 (nzd), split between 3 of us. It was insane. It was insane that something that sounded so cheap to me, was untouchable to this poor soul.

He cried honestly countless times which just showed how appreciative he was of this gift we were giving him.

Now, I’m not telling you all this story to be praised or congratulated for the deed that we did. I know I did something great I do not need public recognition to make myself feel good.

The point in this post, is to show you how goddam lucky we are. I have a roof over my head, delicious food, a loving family, supportive friends, money in my bank account (even when it is negative lol), safe jobs available, running water that is not contaminated, gosh honestly the list of what I have that they do not could go on.

Going to Bali really made me realise how good I have it. Yes I have a health issue. However the world I live in compared to others is that worthy for a god.

We are seriously beyond privileged it is insane, we complain about our medical system  – they hardly even have one! I saw stands on the side of the road selling petrol out of old absolute vodka bottles. My gorgeous, luscious and relaxing villa was right next door to Kerobokan prison. People light their rubbish on fire anywhere and everywhere they please. There are stray dogs who are insanely unhealthy and lifeless everywhere. There is rubble from where police have gone and bashed down homes and shops for not being able to pay their rent. You cannot drink there water as it is contaminated. $100 to me is $1,000 to them. Our wages and working hours are amazing compared to theirs. We are safe, clean, well off and healthy. We should be thankful for how blessed we are.

This story of Awang shall stay with me forever. Renee said “I’ve always felt like I was meant to do one good thing, just one, to help another person who was not as fortunate as I was and needed help. There’s been times when I have gone to help someone but something has told me no, this isn’t my time. I know this is what I’m meant to do”. And I completely agree.

Lately I have been worrying about money. My health has been playing up and I’ve been feeling sorry for myself. My future in terms of relationships and career have been hugely worrying me and all round I have pretty much been a sack of sh*t feeling sorry for myself. Feeling sorry for my privileged self. This was meant to happen to me, in the moment and time it did, to teach me a lesson. To make me aware.

Even though Awang thinks we helped him, in reality, he helped us more. He taught us huge life lessons that at my young age of 21, I am thankful to have learnt.

Kodi is always telling me that I need to travel to learn about life and become content with the one I live and I never understood. Now I get it. Travelling is for the heart and soul. It is to learn important life lessons that stick with you, ones that you want to share with those around you. Ones that make you a better person and make your heart full.

I know I’m going on and this is turning into a ramble but it’s because I need you to all understand. The positivity that I shove down your throats is highly important and beneficial to staying alive and living.

I’ve read a quote before, it went along the lines of “just because someone else has it worse, doesn’t mean you cannot be sad about your struggles”, which I totally agree with. And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t feel pity for yourself and others because there are people slaving away just to attempt to survive, I just ask that you understand the difference between a bad life and a bad day. 

Rememeber to be thankful and know how blessed you are.

Love and light


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