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Hello GORGEOUS humans


I reached out on my social media platforms and gave you the opportunity to grill me! Ask me anything you wanted! It was your chance to pick apart my brain on absolutely any topic in the world – as R Rated as you wanted! So, with that all said, heres what was asked!


Happy reading my friends xxx


What’s the best pain relief you’ve tried?

Not even trying to sound like a drug queen, Morphine. Hands down.


What do you think of medicinal marijuana for endo and would you use it yourself if it was readily available?

Yes. I would 100% without a doubt use medicinal marijuana if I was able too. I am completely open to the idea and after reading and watching the amazing effects it can have in medical situations, id be crazy to say no to this!

How long did it take you to be diagnosed? Were you misdiagnosed to start with? If so, what did they say it was?

I don’t know exactly but I remember going to the doctors and complaining about pain that felt like period pain even when I didn’t have my period as a young teen. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 18/19 so roughly 5-6 years. My problem was always just put down too as a bad period, even was accused for just wanting time off school by a doctor. I was never really diagnosed with anything else however for months I was constantly tested for STI’s and even put on medication “just incase” even though every test came back negative.


Do you have adenomyosis as well as endo?

Luckily for me, no, I only have Endo.


SEX! Do you have any tips onto how I can manage being intimate?

I truly believe that sometimes it is mind over matter. A friend of mine, including me also have issues with sex. and we have talked about how much our mind impacts our sex life. If I go into the situation freaking out that its going to be painful and hurt, high chance is that it will. Whereas if you silence your mind and relax, your body will too! Also, taking it slow, explaining to your partner your concerns, getting them too assure you they will be gentle and kind! communication is a huge help


What is your favourite movie, song and food?

I love the Pursuit of Happiness and I have a few more too but I am shocking with movie names so can’t remember what they are called. Song is Hotel California – Eagles, Santeria – Sublime, Hit em Up 2pac (lol I know). Favourite food is a hard one, I realllllly like sushi and pizza haha I’m not really sure what my favourite food is tbh.


I am also going through a breakup and am chronically ill. I have a fear of being alone. Do you have any tips for distracting yourself?

Sorry to hear you are struggling 🙁 Please though, I have to urge to learn to love your own company and space. You must love your own presence before you can truly love someone elses! Whats really helped me these last few weeks is staying super super busy. I have been working a lot which has helped. But hangout with friends and family, exercise, clean, read, watch movies, nap, create exciting recipes, write – ANYTHING that will keep your mind occupied is what you need to be doing – stop your mind from wandering x


Do you plan to try for children?

Absolutely 🙂


Why did you and Kodi breakup?

Nosy. You can read about that here.


Whats it like to have endometriosis in a relationship and how does it effect it?

It kind of just felt normal for me because Kods was so frikken amazing about it. But it did have its struggles. Im already an erratic person as it is and have crazy ass mood swings so add PMS ontop of that – god knows how he lasted 3 years dealing with that lol. Sex can be hard due to it not always being able to happen, which can then put strain on the relationship. honestly, it is a battle and finding a guy who is man enough to handle it can be hard, but it makes you appreciate them that much more


Are you friends always supportive of your endo if you have flare ups or can’t do what you would normally do with them?

This varies. mostly they understand. However if I have been doing really well for quite some time and then begin to bail on plans etc again it can at times become quiet obvious that they get frustrated. Normally It is my own fault though because I don’t explain that its due to my endometriosis why I feel like crap.

love blog post xx

What sort of contraception do you use?

I was on the pill (Ava 30) for like years but now I have a mirena 🙂


Do you have any hobbies?

Not really, I do love to read and write though 🙂


Do you have a tattoo?

Yes! I have ….

  • 3 birds on back, they represent me, my mum and my sister.
  • The quote “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” on my hip.
  • Virgo Star Sign behind my ear
  • Roman numerals on my ankle
  • A Snake on my ribs


What “treatment” have you been given for your endo?

Firstly, love the quotation marks around treatment cos I agree lol. I have a Mirena in place.


Annie have you ever tried herbs such as agnus castus to help try to balance your hormones or tried a vegan diet or castor oil packs?

NO I actually have never tried any of this! I enjoy vegan food however just cannot seem to commit to it yet!


How do you deal with Break ups or even breaks? What are some tips?

I hope your ok firstly, going through this stuff can reallllllllly suck.

Now I so wish that I had all the gospel info to give you too help you, but I really don’t. I suck at dealing with my emotions and am semi struggling however….


  • Try to remain positive. You could not have done anything more than you did to make the relationship work. Remember it takes two to tango, both people need to be invested for it to succeed.
  • Stay busy – the busier I am the better I feel as my mind is occupied and cannot wander into naughty thoughts.
  • Stay healthy, keep hydrated, rested and eat.
  • Surround yourself by people who love you. Who will remind you how frikken awesome you are.
  • DO NOT TEXT HIM! DO NOT FACEBOOK HIM! DO NOT STALK HIM AND HIS WHEREABOUTS! This isn’t attractive, I know its hard, but do not cling on. Space is great.



What spot treatment do you use? I noticed you were wearing it in your last Instagram.

I just purchased it! its the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. And after I had brought I found out it was paragon free which is mean!

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.47.23 PM

How do you think that having endo has changed your life?

Its changed my outlook on life for sure. I’m more appreciative of the human body, of food and nature. Ive also chilled out on the drinking and partying which is a good thing haha. Also knowing I may not be able to kids has changed me a lil.

Do you have a new boyfriend?

Hahahahaha nossssssssssy man (laugh face emoji would be handy in here haha) no I do not.


Have you changed your diet?

Yeah drastically. I am like 90% dairy free, try to be as gluten free as poss, eat ALOT more veggies and have cut out a lot of sugar and take out from my life. I still treat myself and love to wine and cheese nights with the girls and some chocolate after dinner. But yes I have changed a lot about the way I eat.


You and your friend Renee make me laugh, how did you meet?

I can’t really remember how we met, it was through mutual friends for sure but I’m not sure of the like exact moment I was introduced to her. She’s amazing though, we have lots of laughs together.


Does the fact that you have Endometriosis make you sad ever?

Mmm to be honest, yeah. Like I would love to be able to have sex without worrying its going to hurt, I would love to eat bread for breakfast lunch and dinner. I would really like to be able to go out and drink without feeling like I’m dying from the pain the next day. I would love to have a normal period. It does really suck and there are times where I do cry and get sad because I have this disease, but being sad isn’t going to change anything. I have endo and I can’t change that, so I kinda have the suck it up and get on with it mentality when it comes to my uterus.



And thats it my loves! Im done, some questions I did not add into hear due to poor English that I couldn’t understand and some where just too personal etc. If you want me to do another post like this in the near future comment with your questions on the blog so I can refer back to them!!!!


Lots of love





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  1. Can i just say that I love how raw and authentic you seem to be (and also so positive at the same time!), and how committed you are to helping out other women with endo. There’s a lot of endo voices out there now and I wanted you to know that you are one of the ones I find most refreshing and I love seeing your posts. Keep at it 🙂

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