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Hello lovelies!

Today I took time out of my life for me! I went to Zen Float Spa for some much needed RNR! To begin, this is not a paid post! I just had so many questions Float (lol) through my inbox after I insta storied a lil selfie of me and the tank that I thought it would be easier for me too blog it!

For those of you who havnt heard of this, a Float Spa is quite literally that! It’s a lil Capsual/Tank bath filled with roughly 850 pounds of Epsom Salts and 200 gallons of water. Scientifically how the Salts keep you afloat I have no idea, but it does! It’s rather difficult to push your body down once you have began to float.
Epsoms salt isn’t actually salt, it’s a natural mineral compound of both magnesium and sulfate. Both are easily absorbed through the skin which makes the Float tanks a super easy and ideal way to enjoy the multiple health benefits. These health benefits include –

  • Enhances your learning capability i.e. concentration, memory, and focus
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Normalises blood pressure
  • Destress and relaxation
  • Increases athletic performance (energy, stamina, strength, quicker recovery, brain space)
  • Increases your body’s ability to detoxify with the mineral rich salt bath
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Improve skin tone
  • Helps release endorphins-the body’s natural opiates
  • Pain relief from injuries/ailments
  • Stimulates right brain activity which allows us to absorb and learn information on a larger scale.
  • Helps reduce addictive behaviour
  • Aides in female fertility
  • Helps balance hormones
  • Alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Reduce migraines
  • Relieves inflammation in joints
  • Increase magnesium absorption

I wanted to try Float for a quite a few reasons. These being it helps reduce inflammation which is obviously a big Endo problem, balancing my hormones, I’m literally a walking ball of stress and anxiety, I suffer from at times kinda hating my life, I’m always tired, struggle with back pain and I just wanted to relax! Plus, with the amount of pain killers going down my neck at the moment, I need any kind of detox I can get my hands on! So after reading the above health benefits, I just had to try it!


Both of my parents have been going for float sessions over the past few months and have completely raved about it! Every time id complain about lower back pain or neck/shoulder pain, my energy levels or my endo symptoms they would pretty much in sync sing the words “go to bloody float”.
You start by showering to remove perfumes and makeup etc, you then turn off the lights and then jump in the tank. You can choose to keep the lid of the tank open or closed, I chose to shut the lid. There are then lights on the inside of the tank which can be turned off or on. To start the session, there is music that plays for the first ten minutes.
For me, once this music turned off I had a mini panic at how quiet it was. My mind IS NEVER quiet, I’m constantly thinking 1000 different thoughts so after zenning out to the music and tranquility I was a lil freaked. So I chose to turn the lights in the pod back on. Once I had done this I felt more at ease. Next time I think ill ask if I can keep the music on the whole time (Nicole, if your ready this – please!!!! lol) so I can keep the lights of and stay in the initial zenned out meditative state I was originally in.

It was kinda trippy. At times I felt like I was floating all over the show however would open my eyes and find that I was perfectly still. I had times of complete silence in my mind whereas at other times I was thinking about me, situations I am in and what my future has in store plus how I can control everything! Time just flew by too, I felt like I was in there for only 20 mins max!

I did a 45 min Float however there are different options. Once your time is up the music comes back on for 5 mins. You then re shower to get the salt off you. Soap, towels, shampoo, conditioner and cleanser are all provided for you. If you have any small skin grazes the salt does sting a lil however you are provided with Vaseline to place on these to put a barrier in place.

My legs and booty were pretty sore because I’ve just started boot camp, they felt a lil better after the 45 mins but nothing drastic.

I did feel very tired and just wanted to lay in bed with a cup of tea. However I also really loved life. I’m not sure if it was the floating or the time it gave me to think however I felt like I had a new understanding of where my life was at and where it was going. Sounds cliche but more than true. After nearly 12 hours having passed after my tank immersion I’m still feeling completely chilled, plus my lower back pains have pretty much gone and there is already a huge change in my neck and shoulder pain.



Zen Float Spa also stock a whole bunch of natural goodies. I picked up a really cute Charcoal Face mask and tried it tonight and absolutely loved it.


I felt no difference in my pains however nothing magically works after one try! I wasn’t expecting it to be an instant relief so I am 100% going to be an active floater. I cannot wait for my next session! Will be great to see after a few more visits how my acne, pains and energy levels are. Also cannot wait too see if it helps other endometriosis symptoms too! I really hope that by balancing my hormones it has a great effect. I also hope this relaxed and love of life feeling stays!


I want to add that for those trying to conceive, if I were in your shoes I would be doing this as much as I could as one of the benefits are assisting in fertility!


For more information click here and ill keep you guys updated on how I feel after my next few Float Spas!


Lots of Love as always,






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