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This blog post comes to life due to comments I often see floating around support pages on Facebook and Instagram. The comments go something like this…..

“My doctor did some scans, blood tests and internals and diagnosed me with Endometriosis, he said surgery was a waste of time.”

(please note, I’m not here to slam those that have been treated incorrectly as its not your fault. your doctors have given you the wrong information and I do feel sad for you. hopefully this post can educate you and help get you the right assistance xx)

So lets get into it, im basically here to tell you if your diagnosis story goes something like the above, your specialist or doctor has nil information on this disease and you need to outsource and start your journey again.

THE ONLY WAY TO BE DIAGNOSED WITH ENDOMETRIOSIS IS THROUGH LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY! Sure, there are some procedures that can SUGGEST there is Endometriosis present in the body but (unfortunately for some of you out there who have been lied too) it is not a way to actually diagnose.

So, what is Laparoscopic Surgery? Laparoscopic Surgery (also known as Keyhole) is where small incisions are made, a camera (laparoscope) is inserted to look around the pelvic area and organs for signs of Endometriosis. If present, this will be treated during the surgery. Your surgeon should also be sending away the Endometriosis growth to have testing preformed to 100% confirm that the growth is actually Endometriosis and not something else. Now there is a difference in the ways that the surgeon will treat the growths and dependant on how this is done effects wether or not the surgeon will be able to send away for testing. You can read more about this here.

To my knowledge, and please feel free to correct me and better my knowledge in the comments below if I’m wrong, this is due to the fact that medical professionals can not actually determine if growth masses on scans are actually Endometriosis growths. Yes, they can suggest this could be Endo however cannot be confident.

What are scans and other tests good for then and why is my specialist getting me to do this even though surgery has been suggested? This could be for a few reasons, one in particular though – your specialists will be wanting to make sure there is nothing more “obvious” going on. Making sure they are not opening you up for no reason as surgery is a big deal!

So what should you do if you were given a diagnosis and surgery wasn’t preformed? In my opinion, I suggest you do and see someone else. Do your research and “shop around” until you find someone who knows what they are talking about and can give you the proper help you need and deserve!

At the end of the day, im not saying that these medical professionals suck. There are SOOOOO many things that can go wrong with the human body, or female anatomy to be more specific, and to except these guys to be professionals in every field is literally an unfair expecatation. I do believe however they should be more honest on what they do or don’t know but hey, dreams are free.

I urge all of you to research this matter further and as suggeseted above, find a good Endometriosis Specialist.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone with this post as it wasn’t my intention, Education is my at most important priority and unfortunately sometimes people have to be made to feel uncomfortable when learning.

As always, big loves and light



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