Endometriosis Surgery – Excision vs. Ablation

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So due to the topic of my last blog post (click here to read) I thought we should discuss the difference in surgeries. I remember when I first got diagnosed and I had no idea there was a difference? My first specialist was literally the worst and was no help and didn’t educate me at all. She also preformed Ablation which actually isn’t truly beneficial. Keep reading below to find out why!

So, the real question, what the hell is Excision and Ablation? I only just learnt what Laparoscopic Surgery is let alone the difference in the above!!!???

So, Laparoscopic is the SURGERY, Excision and Ablation are the TREATMENT. Now lets break it down further….

ABLATION – is where heat is used to destroy the growth, so basically we are burning it off.

EXCISION – Is more or less cutting out the growth, this is also often used with heat however instead of burning the growth, its actually been cut out!

(Surgeons should be sending away samples of the growth for testing for 100% confirmation that it is actually Endometriosis – which surgery will have to be preformed for this to happen? Check the bottom of this post to see if your answer is right hehe)

Basically I look at it this way, when you pop a pimple you just get rid of the head, the core sits under the surface and keeps popping up right? ( I know gross analogy im sorry lol) However if it was to be dealt with at a skin specialists and they remove it properly, that core comes out! Similar with the differences in treatments!

Burning it is preformed on the SURFACE how can you be sure you have burnt the whole thing? Kinda like the iceberg analog y ya know? However cutting it out is cutting out the whole thing, you can dig deeper till you see the end mark! My question is, so are we really actually ridding ourselves of the Endometriosis if we are cutting out the core? I know I’m not a medical professional but my personal opinion here is, mmmm no.

We could go into a lot more detail then this but I feel as though the above analogies explain it in an easy way to understand. After years of research and trying to to understand everything. rewording it this way made it much easier for me to understand!

Make sure you are getting a surgeon that does Excision, if this isn’t an option for you then sure, go ahead with the ablation! I don’t want to scare you off that procedure, there is just one that is better than the other for sure!

I so hope you learnt something here today!

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(Answer – EXCISION! Why? Because it is being CUT out! When ablation is preformed it is being burnt away into non existence!)

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