Alot of things bother me in life, like seriously ALOT. However, one of the biggest things that bother me is this misconseption females have that we are against one another and continuously seek to put others down and make others feel miserable.

When i was at an all time low in my life everyone around me up and left, every so called best friend I had stood up walked out the door and slammed that thing right in my face whilst pulling a big ‘F U’ as they drove down the road in a big jeep together (not literally but it felt as bad as this is sounding).

I felt like I was all alone. I was so so sick, on numeorus meedications, loosing weight and hating life. My battle felt worse because I no longer had that sisterhood support.

As females, we need other females to make us feel better. It sounds stupid but its so true. I bet you ask your boyfriend if you outfit looks good and no matter what he says you still send your bestie a photo asking the same question. we need validation from other females. AND WE KNOW THIS!!! so why do we do these evil things to each other?

We should be telling each other how fabulous we all look, we should be encouraging fellow girlfriends to strive in life annd celebrating success!

I cannot express enough how important having a stong, loving and and supportiv13260127_794199974043735_8084000060995475682_ne group of girls around you is. These are the ladies we tell everything to, and if we dont have a group that will bring us up in life, we will seriously live miserably. The  actions of those around you reflect and your everyday feelings.

I am so lucky to have met some new amazing girls and to have re kindled some old flames.

Having good friends around you are an important part of life and good girlfriends literally make the world spin.

I want to add how thankful  I am from the response I have had so far from you those who have made comments abou this blogging thing.

Love and light to you all!











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