Life as an endo warrior is so temperamental. It’s seriously bi polar. Some days to weeks you are perfectly fine! You feel on top of the world. Other times you are ready to dig your grave as you lay  in bed in the fetal position sobbing the hours away.

Today was one of the days I wanted to curl up, eat terrible food and cuddle my wheat bag.

This morning I woke up to blood drenched undies, an aching body and feeling as though I hadn’t sleep in 72 hours. However I got up, had a shower and sorted myself out and went off to work.

Today was terrible.

I had so much work to do and had to suck up my pain, push it to the side and get on with it. All I wanted to do was run home and watch terrible soap operas.

Today whilst I was trying not to throw up from the pain I was listening to my boss rattle off 100 things I needed to do on top of the 1000 things I already had listed in front of me when a work colleague came over to my desk and told me someone had crashed into my car.

Again, today was terrible.

It got me thinking yet again though about how I have been given this disease and been put on this journey for a reason. 13451015_801196050010794_1730320807_n

I am not sure if that reason is to show me how strong I am and that I can take on anything that is thrown my way however, today really felt like that. Today made me realise that I am a strong woman and that I am capable of so much. That whilst I was in all this pain and dealt with this lady banging into my car I still did all of my work plus more. I still woke up this morning and said NO not todayyyy endo. I still helped my  partner cook dinner and im now sitting here typing out my day so that other woman can feel the strength to push forward.

We all have battles we face everyday and not all are visible.

Sometimes the biggest battle we face is getting up in the morning, whether we are sick or not.

Make life your challenge, make these battles your challenge. Endo angels, make endo your challenge! We can choose to suffer or succeed with the battles we face!


Love and light








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  1. This were the words I needed in this moment. I am new in this Endo life, im 22 and had my firts (and I hope last) surgery a month ago, through that ive been very depresive, crying all days because my pain is not only in periods but always. Im trying to be strong and help myself! I hope I founr a pill that help me through the pain.

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