One of the most important things we ALLL need to remember is to relax. Take a mental break every now and then! Switch off from the outside work and concentrate on ourselves.

Now I don’t mean to get too hippy, but having a clear mind is seriously one of the not so many keys to happiness!!!

I find that when I don’t take even ten minutes to just chill out on my 13900697_826208334176232_1117235733_nown and breathe I get very frazzled which brings on the dreaded domino effect 🙁 And this goddamn domino effect rolls onto my work life, my social life, my love life, my endometriosis, the quality of sleep I get, MY SKIN!!!! (you can see I could go on)

We are all such busy people. Juggling family, work, social life, health etc – how the hell are we supposed to take time to look after ourselves and concentrate on our insides and what our body and mind needs!!! Well guess what, we have too! As stupid as this sounds, sometimes I actually sit on the toilet playing on my phone for half an hour. even when I finished peeing within the first 30 seconds of sitting down. Sometimes my “break” is my drive to work in the morning with my coffee in my hand and my favourite song of the moment playing or even my on the rather large side glass of wine I sometimes pour!

I guess the ‘take a break and relax’ mantra also relates to the ‘appreciate the small things’ one, as realising that we can take mental breaks during typical normal day moments is ,in a way, an appreciation to a small thing 🙂

And then ‘happiness is key’ rolls those mantras all in to one. Do you kind13902121_826206017509797_1421771547_o of see what I’m doing?

We take on one mentality and focus on that, then the next one rolls in and the next and before we know it we are our own bloody gurus and ready to take on anyone and anything because we have mastered HAPPINESS without paying any physc to tell us how to do it.

The power of happiness, relaxation, love, sex, strength bla bla bla is all within us, our mind.

To take control of all of the above, we need to learn how to relax and how to take ten in even the most stressful and demanding sitiuations!

I could go on forever about this, so maybe I will leave it for another day when I have the time to spend hours correcting the same paragraph more then ten times.










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