I went out for dinner with a group of my girls for a massive catch up and we got talking about me writing this blog! 

It was so nice to hear their thoughts and how they pervceived what i was doing with this space. 

I don’t write on here to hopefully gain popularity, money or a name for myself. It’s literally to – 

A. Help create awareness on Endometriosis, there is not enough information or support for us women who suffer and if i can help shed light to one beauty then I feel as though I have done my job in life. I want to make us girls feel loved and normal and hopefully make “period” talk not so taboo! 

B. I like to talk about what’s real in life and I love reading others opinions on issues we face as females and although some are deemed as small, they play a huge effect on the way we feel and how our minds work – e.g girl hate, expectations….. list could go on.

C. I need to vent out my issues in order to move past them, and what better way to write them down on a globally accessed website where maybe what I’m thinking and how I deal with issues could relate to someone else! 

So basically this blog really isn’t about me, myself and I. It’s about us! I truly feel as though every thing I have been through in my beautiful yet not so easy life is to teach and help others! 

I seriously have a thought and I jump on the nearest electronic device and type type type, so excuse the multiple typos (my gf did say it makes it that much more real and raw) as I do not read back over what I have written and think “I shouldn’t say that” or “maybe I could word that better” as it is what it is! 

I cannot wait to get more great feedback from friends, family or cyber buddies as it does mean the world to me to hear that what I am putting on this platform is getting through to people! So please, send me messages of thoughts, advice, love, hate doesn’t matter – if you have an opinion on what I am doing, please, share!!!

Lots of loves 

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