L A D I E S + G E N T S! I need your help!

I have this vision of creating a platform for every human being to be able to voice their daily struggle.

Whatever issue you face in life, mental health, physcial helth, dealing with everyone elses issues, not meeting “standards”. If you feel like an outcast, if you are too skinny or to big, W H A T E V E R your daily, monthly, yearly battle is – I want you to tell your story and I want you to do so here!

I want this space to be filled of stories from all walks of life. I want to use this as a place where not only I get to share my story, battles, opions and advice but where you can too!

SOOOOOOO……………….. drum roll please……………….. SEND ME YOUR STORIES

If you have a battle you face or have faced (even better, share how you dealt with it and moved past it), please get in contact with me!

I would love for you too leave a comment on this blog post or click on the  contact button on the sidebar on the top right of my a page and let me know!

we can work together on what content you should use or it can be all up to you!

If you prefer, it can be completley annoymous, or you can put your name there and be loud and proud!

Guys, i am SOOO excited about this, help me help you and lets get our stories out there!

Cant wait to hear from you all 🙂





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