Feeling like shit sucks, and we all need our “escape” moment where we can run away from whatever/whoever is bringing us down and feel good again.

Mine is sinking my feet into sand, grass or water. Running away from reality and being on my own with the warmth beneath my feet does more than wonders!

I do not know what it is about the earth that makes me feel whole, however I think it is that time on my own, concentrating on something other than my problems and focussing on the stillness in life.

That is what sucks so much about this human life, is we get taken over by all the needs and wants of everyone else forget how easy life can be. That’s what I appreciate about alone time in nature, it brings you back to reality and makes you remember what is important, what needs your immediate attention and what you should not even take a second, wait, FIRST glance at!

I don’t really know why I am writing this. Maybe because I am well overdue for my peace and quit at the beach. But I do know that more of you beautiful need to find your self and get in touch with your surroundings which will help you find your self and your way.

I urge you to go for a walk barefoot on your own and concentrate on the radiation beneath you. It will do you more greatness then you will ever know.

Love and light


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