So right now I am currently experiencing EVERYTHING I normally get when I am on my period, but I don’t have the period. 

Yeah I am thankful it’s summer, however man it’s frustrating. It straight away makes me thing “your endo is back” as there is no period to explain all my symptoms. 

No period to explain the excruciating cramps in my lower abdomen and back. To explain the pimples, the bloating, the cravings, the diarrhoea, the mood swings and the exhaustion! 

I can’t explain to my boyfriend (who is understanding and gets it so I don’t need to explain anything but still) that I can’t have sex  because ‘I have my period without having my period’. 

I live life on edge the entire time that my period might come at any point. At work, ay the supermarket, at the gym, while I’m at for coffee I stress about every possible situation! 

People will never understand the stress we feel, I literally am in anticipation every time freaking out that my endo is back and I’m in for a wild ride every time I do not get my period. It is honestly the scariest thing I experience. 

I do need to add I do have a mirena and you do skip periods on the mirena, it’s the whole point in having one! 

But when I go from having a period for the past three, four months (whilst on the mirena) to all of a sudden not having one-I freak out! 

The joys of being a girl. The joys of being an endo warrior. I will continue on like I am tonight. 

Semi high on tramadol and with a wheat bag strapped to my lower belly, I am currently cooking a healthy clean butter chicken with cauliflower rice, even though I would maccas or Chinese or something -cravings lol – I know that the processed food and sugars will make this pain a millllion times worse! 

 I have been to work and the gym already. I have done some of the house work and the grocery shopping. I was in extreme pain the entire time for the above tasks, however I am a boss and this does not define me nor control my day any longer. 

We are strong ladies!!! 

Love and Light


One thought on “SYMPTOMS BUT NO PERIOD?!?

  1. Your positivity in continuing with your daily tasks is motivating! I have a difficult time powering through my day when I am having extreme pain, although I know it is just a cope out most of the time. I fall into pity parties 🙁 Hopefully you feel better soon! <3 hugs, Juliane (oneLofajourney)

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