How I stay reliable in my job whilst chronically ill

Hi ladies!

I started this post weeks ago whilst I was having another one of my sleepless nights. I actually finished it and then it got lost in cyberspace and when I clicked saved it disappeared, so lucky I was too tired to have any emotions because I wanted to cry haha.


I always write so much better at night. I think it’s because the quite brings me to my zen and really centres/concentrates me! I am always so much more creative and my mind just seems to work a lot better, the posts really turn into magic for me at night!

I am often asked about how I manage to hold down a full-time job whilst suffering. I work as a sales coordinator for a media company in NZ. It hasn’t always been this way though! A few years back I worked in a really high demand hospo/events job. I won’t bore you with my job description however I did often work 18 shifts back to back. The job was hard and exhausting and really body demanding. We were always on our feet lifting and moving heavy things, cleaning, setting up for 2000+ guests, serving, the list goes on. I ended up pairing this job with a night job in a bar. I often would work 70-80 hour weeks with sometimes only a few hours sleep before my next shift in the morning began. I ended up having to leave this job however due to my pain. As my symptoms worsened so did the chances of me being reliable.

So for a while I only worked a couple of hours a week spread across 2-3 nights. Other than that I would sleep, shower, eat and sleep. I got into a really bad place and thankfully I managed to pull myself out of the darkness. Now fast forward a year, great support and medical team, and a surgery we are here!
I guess I want to share my tips, advice and really what I live by in order to keep a job whilst suffering from Endo.


Be Honest.

Honesty goes a far away. In your interview be clear about what you have and how you deal with it to keep yourself healthy. Not only does this save you from hassle and potential trouble in the future, it also shows honesty which is a valued trait when going through an interview process, and life in general.


Plan your Work Load.

If and when possible, it’s a great idea to plan your workload around your cycles. If you notice a pattern in your flare ups, it’s a great idea to work your little butt off so that you can proudly let your boss know when you are calling in sick that you not being present will have zero effect on a project and/or the company as you to do list is all ticked off!


Be Prepared.

I have all of my necessities in my desk drawers at work. A hot water bottle, pain killers, ginger tablets, healthy snacks – whatever I need to get me through a painful day, I have it all at my desk!


Don’t Pull “Sickies”.

I know it can be tempting on rainy days to call in sick and stay tucked up in bed and watch movies. Maybe your just too tired, have too much personal stuff to do or you just cannot be bothered. Too bad! If you are calling sick a few days every month for continuous bs excuses, of course your boss is going to doubt you when you need a day off for your Endo! Did you not learn from the boy who cried wolf?!


Plan Appointments around Work Schedule.

Whenever I make an appointment I always check it with my boss. Even if I know I’m not to busy that day, I still run it past her. If she for any reasons doubts I should be away that day I call the clinic back, and change the date or time. This is showing that you respect your workplace and you understand that your workload is a priority!

Work hard.

By working hard and being the best you can be, you’re going to build a great relationship with your boss/manager. It will also show how dedicated you are to your company and they will be sure to belive you for the reasons you need or want time off! An employee that doesn’t produce great work and slacks off will never be trusted. Sometimes putting in that extra work and working your little butt off will pay off in ways you are not aware of.


Dress appropriately.

It’s great to have a wardrobe that I guess “works” for your illness. On days I wake up feeling less than average, I do not wear heels or tight clothing however still I make sure I professional. I can’t think of anything worse than being bloated and walking around in a tight dress. Shop for work clothes that work for you and your situation.


Be Healthy for You and Your Company.


Get to bed on time. Eat well. Exercise. These are all things we should do whether or not we have a chronic illness, however as a sufferer I know what sets me off and what can bring on my pain, so I try to avoid these things! Learn your triggers and avoid them for yourself and your work team! I also eat my breakfast at work, this lets me have a bit more of a sleep in as sleep and rest is so important for us!


And that my ladies, is a little insight on how I get by working a high pressure, full-time job whilst suffering with Endometriosis.


Enjoy the read, love and light xxx



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