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Hey sweeties


Something random and off topic, however something that as been playing on my mind lately. As I’ve said before, this website is a place for others to find relief and harmony with the Endometriosis journey, however it at times, plays as like a personal diary for me too. A place I feel comfortable to share my thoughts with you all. Its like my safe place. I don’t feel judged, I always feel lifted and I enjoy sharing my crazy opinions, beliefs and thoughts with you.


So anyway, love has been on my mind. Im not really sure why. Maybe I am PMS-ing like frikken crazy or maybe I’m more of a girly girl than I thought. Regardless of the case, Love is on me mind and its made me wanna talk about it.


The power of Love is amazing and can make you do stupid things. You defend those you love till death, even if they have done something stupid and don’t agree with them at all. You get up early in the morning, after only a few hours sleep, do make your darling partner a morning coffee before work. You help your mum weed the garden. You fight so hard that you cry. You do things you could NEVER imagine yourself doing, just to make someone else happy, alllllllll in the name of Love.


Now this said Love, why is this word only used to describe the way we feel about other people? Or a really frikken cute handbag? Why do we not wakeup in the morning, look in the mirror and smile whilst saying to ourselves “wow your easy to love”. WHY IS THIS NOT A THING!?


I posted something the other day on my Instagram account, actually – I’m gonna be corny and post it below cos I really loved it and hope you will too  –

Love blog post

Amazing right? I think its perfect. As someone who quite recently was a teenage girl and probably is often still classed as one, I know HOW HARD it is to be a teen with confidence. Gosh, even being a young adult with confidence can be hard. I understand however sympathise with woman (and males, shoutout to you too) who strive to have endless amounts of self love and confidence yet get knocked down by there peers and society for being “cocky, up themselves, full of it or a b***c”.


As a teen I got this endlessly. As we all are, I’m blessed in multiple areas of life, and people who saw this as a weakness use to pull me apart from it. When I was around 11 I started a new school. A group of “cool girls” kept walking past and telling me I was pretty.  Its as if my young, sweet mind could read through the BS and I felt so uncomfortable, I went home and told mum and she laughed and told me that if they are not saying it out of kindness, then they are jealous – and so they should be! She told me that if they keep saying these words to smile and tell them that I knew I was. So I did.


For WEEKs on end, these girls would pester me telling me the same sentence “your pretty” for me to continue with the same reply ” I know” just to hear there evil sounding sniggers. They thought it was absolutely hilarious to talk so positively and proud of myself. Now kids can be evil so I don’t hold a grudge (I’m quite good at that lol) but every girl, old or young, should be able to scream from the rooftops how much she loves herself and the pride she holds for herself!


But this starts from us – who is going to understand, appreciate and accept this love if we don’t speak to with truth and power? I know I wouldn’t. It goes back to the whole “to talk the talk, walk the walk” rambling we hear. Show your self how much you Love you!

love blog post xx


This stems into so many areas too girl, talk kindly to yourself, don’t beat yourself up for eating that donut, because my girl, they are yum and you probably deserved the treat 🙂 don’t get angry when you put on a bit of weight. Don’t hurt yourself out of sadness and pain. Learn who YOU are as a person outside of your partner, friends and family. Learn who to cook for yourself, to think on your feet. Eat something green. E X C E R S I S E ! it doesn’t have to be strenuous, just get outside and walk my love! Get out in that sunshine, I swear to god that warm on your back is a remedy all on its own!


All of these will assist you in having the pure happiness and Love for you.


Too many of us fall in to the trap of looking down and tell ourselves how unhappy we are with our looks, our lives. We think about how “Sarah” has a better wardrobe and how her mans has an eight pack. We get envious of the friend who has her sh** together and owns a house and has 5 startup companies. We want to look like the insta famous babe.


This jealousy, hatred and evil, vicious thinking causes so much harm internally. Start singing praise my darlings, start seeing the beauty.


Ill admit, I’m a lonnnnnng ass way from being at the “eternal love” status, but I try. Which is most important.


Im assuming that you are just done with my 1am ramblings, so even though this is something I wish to continue, I may save the rest of my tired thoughts for a P2. Also, this is something I need to change, in order for better business but also something to better the self love journey, I never re read my blogs. Only when typing, I hardly ever go back through to even make sure they make sense. I just tyyyyyyype and post lol. So bad.


Anywho, thanks darlings.


Lots of love



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