Sleep Deprived from Anxiety? Try these Tips

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I yet again want to touch on the forbidden ‘D’ word. You know, the one that is shunned. The one that people shy away from, that they squince their eyes at and get all agitated by. Thats right, Depression. I want to talk about how this ruins so many things. Including something that is so important yet over looked. How it ruins my sleep.


It comes in different shapes and forms. Some can function and do everyday tasks whilst others cannot make it a step out of bed. Each case is just as sad, scary and daunting for the individual that is suffering as well as those around the poor soul.


I am very open about the paths I walk down and the horrors that I at times face. I am writing this post from my lounge, it is currently 1.31am. Why am I awake? Well the hours I work (9pm-3am) definitely do not help. However thats not what has me alert and busy in the early hours of the morning. My issue is being alone with my thoughts.


I recently opened up about my smoking habit. Well, I just stepped outside for one – trying to keep myself busy with a cup of tea. However when I got outside I realised my phone was on 1%. I instantly got nervous as I sat outside,  scared to be alone with the absolute silence by myself. See I use to appreciate the silent night, the sound of the crashing waves I am lucky to have at my front door, the sky being the only thing to grab my attention. Actually, I still sometimes do. But for some god forsaken reason, this is sometimes my biggest fear.


As I have gotten older this has become worse. Now I’m not sure if this is due to the demons I have faced or because my mind has become wiser however non the less, it is an issue I face.


I often am so, so tired however find myself still tossing and turning. Its gotten to the point lately where I seriously need to distract myself until I am beyond exhausted to have any chance of having a peaceful sleep. Isn’t that sad?


I know a few of you will sympathise with me, simply because you walk the same path. You will understand how painful it is to lay there, praying for a break, wanting to get some rest. Both sleep and from your thoughts.


Im not sure if this is depression, anxiety or just down right not fair, however I wanted to share with you a few steps that at times, do make it a little bit better.



Artemis Deep Sleep Tea

Now I’m not 100% sure if this is a placebo effect, however it usually helps lol. I usually make a pot and consume it at least half an hour before tucking myself into bed. The tea contains a bunch of ingredients, they either help with sleep, reducing sleep and worry. Other properties that help with adrenal support, an overworked nervous system (winning) and that relieves tension disorders. Click here to purchase your own.



Yeah I know, may sound obvious, but did you know they WAY you breathe can help to calm you down and rest your mind, which then in turn rests the body. I was a yoga feign for a while and am a bit of a hippie so I’m all into meditation etc. Something I picked up from the above was breathing, and concentrating on the breathe to calm the mind.

I like to lay down, counting my breathes with one hand on my stomach to feel it rising and falling. Then, once I am on a calmer state and got a rhythm going, I then start counting.

Breathe IN 1-2-3-4

HOLD 1-2

Breathe OUT 1-2-3-4

HOLD 1-2 

Please note the above is just an indicative and you should follow the above as guide to a pace and count you feel comfortable. This should not all feel strenuous or make you feel more panicked then before due to loss of breathe or hyperventilation.



Counting Sheep


K don’t laugh lol, it seriously works. Now I don’t actually lay there and imagine sheep jumping over a fence, counting them as they go by. But, what I do do (hehe) is count. From number 1 until I drift off. How does this work? Mind over matter baby. Your mindstarts to concentrate on the numbers and counting rather than whats worrying you.






Apart from the obvious, tiring yourself out from working your booty off so damn hard, it also promotes a thing called the Circadian Rhythm, or in normal lingo – The Body Clock. This helps determine our sleep pattern. It also release the happy hormone in our body which helps fight depression and anxiety.


Put the Digital Devices Down

This is something ill admit I’m shocking at. However, watching tv, playing on your laptop, phone, tablet etc. The reason being is a thing called “blue light“. Blue Light disrupts the Melatonin your body produces. This is a hormone that gets you to sleep. Now by suppressing this from late night Instagram stalking, we are disrupting the sleep cycle which makes it harder/takes longer for us to get to sleep.


Now these are just a few tips and tricks for how I attempt to silence my mind. No they do not always work, but hey – at least we try right?

I am hope your mind gives you a break ladies, I truly truly do.


Lots of love and light.



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