My story begins in 2011, I guess knowing what I know now I should have acted sooner. I was first referred to a gastroenterologist who had asked me had my periods ever been irregular? At that point, no they hadn’t. He did explain a snapshot of endometriosis but continued down the path of my bowel being the issue.



Two colonoscopies later we had no answer and I was basically told to put up with it. It wasn’t until the october that year that whilst having sex with my then boyfriend I realized it was quite painful. My GP who was wonderful referred me then to a gynecologist who referred me for a laparoscopy but assured me that young people did not get this disease and that if I did have it, I was going to be cured.



Well fast forward past that laparoscopy I returned no less than three months with the same debilitating symptoms. I was however assured it was in my head and that he had “cured me” after me returning again he put me in for another less than six months after the first.


Before being put under the anesthetic I was assured that I was imagining it. Surprise, yes it was there again. I was pain free until mid 2012 when I was put under again and the same mess was found. 2013 I wanted to attend a different specialist who was trained in endometriosis. While I wont mention this doctor unfortunately even after being put on the public list (due to his private fees being too much with no guarantee) I went in, lesions everywhere. 2014 I was referred back to a female gynecologist who believed I was still suffering from this horrid disease. She suggested the mirena which i thought really couldn’t hurt – well it failed.. She took it out in 2015 and put me in for yet again another laparoscopy and again, endometriosis she had not seen in someone so young.


ADRIENNE 1I have tried many different medications to “assist” as well as the laparoscopies, probably more hormones than the “normal woman” and weight gain and depression to go along with it. I was booked in for my 7th laparoscopy in august last year for yet another surgery to try and alleviate my symptoms but it hasn’t worked.

I got married to my wonderful husband in December 2017 and we do plan on starting a family soon but we’ve been told to prepare to fight to make that happen.

To survive and work my full time job I need to be on prescription painkillers, at 23 years old I should not be relying on this to be normal. I do plan to have a hysterectomy after we have our family as I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m 23, I shouldn’t have these worries..


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