Parabens and Endometriosis

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A few months ago, a thing called “parabens” were brought to my attention. I had never really heard of these before and had no idea what this thing was or how it effected me and my health. This is something that I think needs to be brought to your attention. I really want to educate you guys on Parabens and the effect it will have on your Endometriosis.


You may have noticed that as of recently, sitting along side the cruelty free symbols, there is a new “paraben free” sign sitting on your cosmetic products. Parabens are a common cosmetic ingredient, they are what keeps your beauty products from going off. Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 9.38.48 PM


The problem with Parabens is that they mimic Estrogen, which isn’t good full stop let alone for someone who suffers from Endo (endometriosis and high levels of estrogen have been linked). Parabens are referred to as an endocrine disruptor, meaning hormone altering crap lol.  If your body is already high in estrogen, and then you add an estrogen mimicking chemical to your body – your hormones are going to sky-rocket causing your symptoms to worsen!


So what products are you going to find parabens in? I’m not kidding sweets – EVERYTHING! 🙁 Think hair products, makeup products, moisturizer, lip balm, face masks, food products – TOOTH PASTE – the list goes on. These names are quite long and fancy – Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Benzylparaben, Methylparaben and Propylparaben. Wanna know a trick? Just look for that word paraben at the end and you have found it! But as I said above, most things containing no parabens will state that on the front of their packaging anyway.


It’s really important to start taking these paraben based products out of your everyday life. I’m not 100% there yet as I have a lot of makeup and beauty products that contain parabens and because these products were so expensive to buy let alone replace, I am waiting until they run out till I replace them! Your skin is your biggest organ, so on a daily think about the products you use – moisturisers, toners, foundations, powders etc, etc, these are ALLLLLL probably filled with parabens and are being sucked straight into your body doing damage, and without realising your actually making your symptoms worse.

Educating yourself on how your endometriosis can worsen is a big deal, and its little things like using paraben free products that are going to help you!

IMG_1253It’s not hard at all to find paraben free products, you’ll be able to find them at supermarkets and chemists and stuff, not just health shops or online. Plus they aren’t even more expensive than those products that do contain it!

My new go to makeup is Blac Cosmetics, their products are cruelty free and paraben free (amazzzzzzing) and they look flawless on the skin. It’s very bitter-sweet as I wouldn’t wish endometriosis upon anyone BUT, Mary one of the creators is actually an endo sufferer herself so she completely understands the effects of this nasty hormone mimicker and prides herself in creating a product us endo ladies can safely use, while looking and feeling beautiful in.


As you also know, Beauty Tofu is one of my go to products, they cover both skin care and internal cleanses. Beauty tofu’s creator Mel is also a sufferer of Endo, a total natural wellbeing guru and her products are super safe for us girls and really beneficial for those with hormonal acne problems.


These products are only two of my favourites however you will be able to replace all of your makeup and cleansers with Endo friendly products just by visiting these two sites.


People are constantly focused on diet and exercise, they don’t look into things like chemicals to help heal their bodies. It took me a while to educate myself properly on what parabens actually are and how they will be making my disease worse! There is more to this disease than diet. There are so many different ways to help heal your body and starting with cleansing yourself with parabens is more than a great start and your entire being with thank you for it – including your lady parts included!


So just start paying more attention to the products you are buying – read the back! Don’t trust the high-end brands just because they are expensive and have a good rep! 99% of my makeup bag is filled with high end expensive products and about 98% of them will not be repurchased due to paraben contamination, do your research, get some tester products – you will be able to find your new holy grail that your skin and endometriosis love you for!

I hope you had fun learning, let me know if you would like more informative posts like this.


As always, lots of love and light









2 thoughts on “Parabens and Endometriosis

  1. I had surgery for severe endo 11 years ago and thankfully have not had a recurrence. If I put anything on my skin with parabens in it, even for a moment, I will feel nauseous a few hours later. It is a cheap preservative. In fact, I tend to only put things on my skin that I would eat – I have learnt how much our skin absorbs, and if I’m looking at a label with words I don’t understand, then I just don’t use it.
    Every older woman I have met with really beautiful skin has attributed it to not wearing makeup (foundation) during their life, so consider letting your skin breath the way it is supposed to, and you can eliminate a lot of chemicals getting into your body too.

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