Turmeric and Endometriosis

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As we all know, turmeric is and Endometriosis Warriors BFF. There have been studies that have proved turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


This is due to the medicinal compounds found in this root called Curcumin. Curumin however isn’t easily absorbed into our bloodstreams so its super important whenever consuming to have it with black pepper, black pepper makes things way easier to be naturally absorbed.


In the actually spice or root however, there are only low traces if cucumin so its best to try and find an extract to consume, if this is out of your price range of course having any form of tumeric is better than nothing.

Cucumin is very powerful and beneficial in the battle against beating inflammation, it is so strong that it actually can do the same job as some anti-inflammatory drugs and without all the nasty side effects, amazing right?!


Of course, to get the full benefits and on going assistance you will need to be consuming this everyday. There are supplements that can be taken and I suggest you go and chat with a naturopath or natural health shop about what will work best for you, however in the mean time – heres a lil juice recipe too assist you in your anti-inflammatory intake!



Annies antiflam tumeric & ginger juice/mylk


You will need – 

  • Honey 
  • Ginger 
  • Lemons x2
  • Turmeric (Your choice between root, spice or extract) 
  • Liquid (I either use water or Almond milk depending on the consistency I want) 
  • Ground pepper corns 
  • Honest Goods Ahi Cider
  • Blender



Juice the 2 lemons removing the pips, add in ginger and turmeric – I like a strong ginger flavour and a lot of turmeric, so I would add to big cloves of ginger, and either 2 tablespoons of powder/3 big cloves of turmeric. (remember that if you are using a powder form the drink will be a little bit powdering in your mouth) Add cap full of Ahi Cider (click HERE too purchase), 5 cracks of pepper, 3 cups of liquid and a teaspoon of natural raw honey. Put all of this in your blender and blennnnnnnnnnnd until nice and smooth 🙂 


ENJOY!!! Will last in your fridge for a few days!


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