FROM THIGH GAP TO THICK! My weight gain journey/tips

My beautiful team, hello!


As of recent, I have had a HUGE influx of people sending me messages asking for advice on gaining weight. The reasons behind their weight loss varies from mental health, anorexia, life changes, medications, grief – the list goes on! So, I thought it was about time I get my lil fingers typing and write a post, that goes more in depth on specific details on my personal journey with gaining weight.

Before we get into it, I want to remind you that getting professional help for weight issues is totally acceptable. It doesn’t mean you have to label yourself with a title or that there is anything wrong. Sometimes hurdles in life happen and suppress your appetite you know? I also want to remind you that the information below is my personal experience or information I have found off the internet etc. I am not a doctor, I cannot diagnose, treat or help you. Please seek help if its required xxxx

SO, if you haven’t already read the first blog i wrote on my weight journey you can do so here. That may help give you an understanding on what went wrong with me to start with. So we need to chat about my weight gain and how i have done it, how i feel about it, whats worked for me! Lets get into it 🙂


I was always so cardio focused. I would always incorporate weights into my training but never too heavy, and always wanting my heart rate to be sky rocketing to burn as much cals as possible. In short story form, i wanted to be slim. So we obviously had to switch that up. For the past i don’t even know how long i completely ignored cardio except for walks i often also do. I lifted weights and thats it. My focus was weight training, lifting heavier than i previously could and bulking up. I wanted to be strong and look it. I believe this helped hugely with my progress and shift in weight. I look bigger, my muscles pop again and i look a lot stronger.

Food Portions & Planning

So as discussed in my previous post about my weight journey, i had to change it up in the kitchen. I went from very small portion sizes only once or twice a day to forcing food in me way more often. I would allow myself a break during my meal if i needed it but i really concentrated on finishing what was on my plate instead of just giving up my food to someone else when i had had enough. Again, in short story – i stretched my tummy.

I also didn’t just wait to eat when i was hungry, i scheduled my food into my day.

Getting honest

I had to wake up. I had to actually take the situation that was on my hands seriously. I couldn’t just keep keeping on at the skinny rate i was on. It effected me so much more then just looking like skin and bones. My hair was brittle and short, there was no life in my eyes. It affected me in so many ways. I had to get really strong and admit i had wrongs within myself that need right-ing.


For a long time i was very health conscious due to my Endometriosis. I was very focused on food and what i was putting in my body. To be completely honest i think this type of mentality actually negatively assisted me and my relationship with food. I got too caught up in the whole food game for too long and i just really don’t believe that it helped, concentrating too much on what i cant have rather then looking at what i can – i just got too strict. Now i eat whatever i want within reason, i know its not the healthy way to do it but i ate a lot more bad food to help with the weight gain. More takeaways, more carbs, more saturated fats – which was not normal for me!!!!!!!! I have cut right back down on this now as i like to think of food as fuel and know this brief lifestyle wasn’t fuelling me. However what it did was get me in a position where i felt healthier and could start to navigate the nutritional world again with a better mindset and a healthier body weight.

I know eat a lot of natural fats, like a lot and i think due to this is how i have managed to stay at a healthy weight and not drop again. (SO MUCH AVO YUM)

Please know i am not advocating for everyone to run out and eat mcdonalds to gain weight, i don’t actually believe this is the right way to manage it however i just wanted to keep this post honest and tell you my personal experience.


Honestly, talking to someone helped me so much. I don’t feel I need to say more than this. Just go book an appt and vent it out all out.

Being dedicated

This stuff, these changes – its not an overnight game. You have to charge on, and for quite some time. Its not a miracle or a spell – it takes hard work and focus and you have to be prepared for it. You have to be dedicated to the cause, to the research you need to put it. For saving money for appointments and supplements, for changing what and how you eat. For the hours in the gym. Its not an easy game – you have to self motivate and self love everyday. You need to find that strength inside you to fuel the dedication

I hope you find something helpful within the words written above. Again, as I’ve already said a million times – your body is personal and so is your journey. Take control of your situation.

Where am i at now? Im healthy. I have a bit more fat on my body then i honestly would ideally like but ive done that 🙂 ive put that fat on – how awesome. MY goal was always – put on the weight first. Dont worry about the aftermath, dont stress about the details. Just get the weight on. So now in a position where i can sculpt and get my abs back and that really excites me.

Although guys, im so mad. I dont fit like any of my clothes hahahahahahha. 14kgs later you bet this big ol bum is not fitting into last summers little shorts.

Anyway, i think ill end this here. I hope this was somewhat helpful.

Any questions, drop them below.

Love and Light

A x

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