One of my biggest  struggles with my endometriosis journey is that no one knows what  the hell i am talking about when I say “I have endometriosis”.

They say 1 in 10 women have endometriosis, so why the hell are we not discussing it?!

I hate having to explain to people what is wrong with me. A lot of people have endo, I am not strange! 

The fact that I didn’t even know what it was when I was told it was probably what I had, makes me so embarrassed!

The fact that people question the severity of my illness because there is next to none awareness literally drives me nuts!

The stigma around woman’s health is part of the problem, the fact that because I am subject to bleeding for longer than usual is ‘taboo’ to talk about, disgusts me! 

I should be able to talk about my health issues in public without being glanced at sideways. 

I am sick, let me talk about it! 

Endometriosis sufferers can spend majority of the day, week, month, year stuck in a cave in pain, honour them with the platform to talk about what is wrong with them.

I want to help make awareness for those who are confused with their diagnosis. For those who do not know what to eat on their stupid diets they are put on. For those who do not know how to choose the right surgeon or where to go for help!

I urge you to help me help us! We NEED more information out there about our illness, my high school teacher should understand what I have, female or male! As should my career driven boss. 
I encourage you ALL to start a convo about endometriosis. Wether it is because you suffer and are creating awareness about your illness, or if you are curious and want to know more! 

Love and light 


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