Hi beautiful people!

I made a post a few days ago, both on my Blog and Instagram, asking for you gorgeous humans to share your stories with me. Health problems, mental issues, hard times you have faced and over come – any story you think another human will benefit from hearing, I want you to share!

I want people to know that we are not alone with these problems we face – there are others out there dealing with this stuff daily too! I want to tear down the stigma around these issues we face and I want to give confidence, bravery and fearlessness to those who suffer!

Anyway, enough rambling from me, I am so excited to share with you all – someone emailed me there battle story! Below is a story from a girl we will call Sarah (the beautiful girl asked to remain annoymous which is completely understandable).

So her name has been changed and her location ect has also been removed to make her feel more comfortable! 

Enjoy the read and hopefully this will give others the confidence to get in contact with me! Maybe even leave some words of support for this confident lady!
Happy reading xx
Hi Annie, 

Firstly my Name is *Sarah and I’m 21 years old. I was born in **** but I grow up in the South Island in a small town called ****, they say south islanders are tough, well I try tell myself that anyway. 

My story is one that I struggle to explain or even understand myself. 

I started having painful periods from as soon as I got my period at 14, it wasn’t till maybe I was 15-16 that I noticed that it was really effecting me, i would pass out from being in so much pain. My GP referred me to a specialist and suggest that I get key whole surgery. This unfortunately didn’t find anything expect a low sign of polycystic ovaries, no endometriosis. It was then trail and errors with the pill to find one that worked, but yet still left with painful periods. My doctor then put me on zoladex which was injected into my stomach every month, (in term they put my ovaries to sleep for 6 months) I then had to take HRT to control the effects of zoladex which was basically going through menopause at 17. 

I then had a year of painful periods but nothing that codeine couldn’t fix! 

Then 2015 hit and everything came back, painful periods, bowel issues, lower back pain, my weight influencing, and my stomach constantly being swollen. Not being able to drink alchol without wanting or being sick. Eating bread and being swollen. I have been in and out of hospital more times then I would have ever wanted. UTI’s, fluid in my stomach and constantly vomiting till I had an IV in my arm. Morphine and tramadol became my best friend, and my partner seemed to accept the hospital chairs as beds. 

My recent hospital trip was Monday last week, I was in **** for work and the Monday night I woke up at 1am to sweating through my clothes, and my stomach in pain, I then couldn’t stop vomiting till 4am and when the ambulance arrived they thought I was vomiting on purpose due to my weight, I then explained that this happens, they then rushed my to hospital when they released how much pain I was in, once again them finding only a little bit of fluid and not being able to do anymore then to just pump me with pain killers. 

And that is the end of my story, there’s not much to it or an end, because being told it’s my diet or that I’m making it up or just another gastro bug becomes so draining that I just try deal with my daily pain and hospital trips here and there. 

Thank you for your blog, i found comfort when reading it. 

Thank you for listening. 

I am so thankful to you *Sarah, you are the first of hopefully many to share their journey! I congratulate you on your confidence and wish you the best in your health journey.

If this does spark bravery within you and you would like your story shared, click on the contact bar on the top right hand corner and send me an email. Or, you can click the contact button on my Instagram!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Love and light


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