why I unfollowed everyone on Instagram and why you should too

My beautiful girls

So the other day I had an epiphany, I had a “what the hell am I doing” moment. I was scrolling instagram wasting time whilst listening to a podcast, their conversation revolved around the whole concept of you are a product of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

It made me think about social media and how what content is on my feed is a reflection on me as a person and also surely is effecting my opinion, mindset etc etc. I freaked out and have already un followed over 500 accounts and I still am not done with taking the trash out.

I was already pretty good at not following pages where I would find myself sitting there comparing lifestyles and bodies that are just simply unattainable and therefore am setting myself up for failure by attempting to make that “goals”. However I changed my view point a little bit on this….

My lifestyle has hugely changed. I was the biggest party girl for a round 2 years (lets be honest probably longer) and now Im slowing down and trying to be a little more chill, therefore I don’t want to follow people who are out till the early hours of the morning posting drunk images and stories as it no longer resonates. I decided to take full control of my instagram feed and only follow my family, friends and accounts that bring me value, inspiration, motivation, new ideas and what not.

I did have a moment of concern for those people who may get offended I unfollowed them but at the end of the day its my instagram and its not personal, you probably are a great person who I may even still spend time with, but your content is bringing me nothing that makes me want to strive and more so encourages me to have a vodka soda down the main mount and that isn’t conducive to my life any longer.

I urge you all to do the same thing, take charge of your social media feeds. Re check who your following, make sure what they post aligns with the person you want to be, gives you motivation to meet your goals or inspires you to make healthier dinners – whatever your thing is make sure the content your consuming is healthy for you and your life!

Some of my favourite accounts to follow at the moment are: (bare in mind this is coming from my personal account and not an Endometriosis focused point of view)

  • @spiritualthoughts
  • @kirstygodso
  • @thochosystem
  • @theskinnyconfidential
  • @shamandurek
  • @millieelderholmes
  • @garyvee

I hope at least one of you take this information onboard and implement it in your life! Just slowly over a few days or weeks make a conscious effort to flush out anyone and anything that doesn’t bring something to the table, hey even put this method to work in the real world lol.

Big loves and light



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